In case you missed it, Kelly and I presented another round of thank you notes to country music artists this morning (8/10/18). Yes, we're ripping off Jimmy Fallon. No, we don't think he'll sue us.

Please don't sue us, Jimmy.

If you can't watch the video, text is below.


Thank you, Carrie Underwood, for Cry Pretty...making it okay for all of us to wear our makeup to work pre-smudged.

Thank you, Old Dominion, for making it sound not-creepy for someone to steal your hotel key.

Thank you, Jason Aldean, for making "it" easy.

Thank you, Chris Janson, for spelling out how to treat a drunk girl when it SHOULD be absolutely obvious.

Thank you, Kenny Chesney, for making me wonder: did you call 1-800-GET TO KNOW ME and if so, were her eyes really that lonely?

Thank you, Randy Houser, for finally explaining exactly how country feels.

Thank you, Kane Brown, for 'What Ifs", for making me worry about things I'd never contemplated worrying about before.

Thank you, Keith Urban, for celebrating John Cougar, John Deere, and John 3:16…but forgetting John Cena. That’s okay, because you can’t see him anyway.

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