Another sense of normalcy will be returning to our lives in June. There are multiple reports saying that Costco plans to bring back their sample stations in the coming month, but don't expect them to look like they did before.

Costco CFO Richard Galanti told analysts on a Thursday earnings call that the chain's food sampling stations will begin returning in some capacity in June.
In response to a question from Barclays managing director Karen Short, Galanti said the chain will instate new sanitary rules regarding samples.

That seems to be standard practice these days. Things get shut down for a while but they come back with a solid sanitation plan to keep people as safe as possible. The CFO said that their goal to roll out the sample stations is around mid-June and it won't be operating like it used to with customers just picking open samples up with their fingers. In the interview, he said he couldn't say much more than that.

I'm just excited that samples are coming back. I personally have a Sam's Club membership but to see one store of this nature bring it back must mean the other's aren't too far behind. Bring on the shopping snacks, I gotta fuel my body while I stock up.

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