It seems that all we have been hearing about is how much the price of things is increasing and will continue to do so - inflation and the war in Ukraine leading to soaring gas prices among other things.

If you want to save on some things that you are buying every day, there are some ways to do that.  Right now, Costco memberships give you two choices.  There is the Executive Membership which is currently at $120 a year.  This one also gives you 2% back on purchases made throughout the year up to $1000.  The regular or Gold Membership is half that price at $60 per year.  Both memberships give you all the perks that Costco offers including discounted gas prices.  No matter what the price of gas reaches, you will always be able to access discounted gas through your Costco membership.

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News has been spreading that Costco is going to be increasing the cost of their memberships soon.  There is no word, as of yet, as to how much the increase will be, or when it will be happening.  So, locking in right now might be a good idea. The gas price thing might be enough to entice most people in this direction.

One thing to be aware of regarding the gas at Costco is this- there is Premium and there is regular/unleaded.  There is no middle grade like there is at most gas stations.  That might be something to take into consideration.  But with the gas prices looking like there is no end in sight to the rise in prices, it still might be something to consider.

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