What is your go to when you have pent up frustration? Maybe you work out or taking a kick boxing class. Perhaps you look for something a little more relaxing, like a yoga class. Others might just try meditation. Have you ever been frustrated enough though that you just wanted to smash something? Take a hammer to it and just demolish something?

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Have you ever watched HGTV and during the demolition part of the show think, that looks satisfying! What if I told you, you could actually do this as a date night, by yourself or even as a family? Right before I moved out of the Fargo-Moorhead area, I had seen one of these businesses come about and I wondered how long before it caught on in other parts of Minnesota.

Yesterday, I got my answer when I randomly came across the "Wrath Room" out of Alexandria. Ever heard of something like this? For the curious, according to their website;

A wrath room, also known as a smash room, is a room where people can vent their rage by destroying objects safely. This is not guaranteed to cure anger. Kids can also get in on the smashing fun with an adult present & consent. Up to 2 people can be in the room at one time.

I'm not a violent person, or a very angry person at that, but this would still be so cool! Looking a little more there are a few different experiences you could try, but the main one is what they call the

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"Primary Smash":

A staged dining room. That includes glass, wall art, wooden chairs, dishes, glass cups, small furniture & other home decor.


There are several other packages including a "Date Night Room of Rage" that I personally think would make a really cool date night and something completely different! But there are lots of different ideas and you can even add on to your wrath room. Here's an idea of what you can expect in the "Wrath Room" as seen on their Facebook page:

So why not release a little rage, something tells me we'd all feel a little better after smashing!

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