GET PAID TO TRAVEL AND EAT almost sounds too good to be true. A British company called Vibrant Vegan, is a company that makes and delivers foods to homes, and they are looking to hire someone to travel the world in search of Vegan foods.  They are actually willing to pay MORE than $65,000 to find some of the best vegan tastes around the world. (That amount includes a salary of $50,000 plus all your travel expenses).


Travel for the newly hired "Director of Taste," would include spending up to four months at a time traveling to countries like Chile, China, India, Japan, Mexico & Turkey. Your job will be to discover new exotic tastes, recipes and ingredients to incorporate into the products at Vibrant Vegan.  Oh...did I's Vegan foods you're looking for. Keep that in mind.


If this sounds like your dream job, you can learn more by clicking HERE now; and by the way, if you happen to get the job...."You're Welcome!"