This is one way for us to welcome people to our great state.

All eyes have been on Minneapolis as the trail of Derek Chauvin is underway. Pretty much every major news outlet is covering the court case, and there are a lot of reporters from out of town down in the Twin Cities.

When I was on Twitter yesterday a tweet from Hunter Cantrell caught my eye for a humorous reason. We are all used to the tornado sirens going off on the first Wednesday of the month around 1 pm. The rest of the world isn't.

The fact that yesterday was a rainy and gray day didn't help the fact that a "surprise" storm siren was going off outside the courthouse. CNN even went so far as to switch from that anchor's coverage to something else so he could get off the air to make sure he was OK.

Of course, this spawned a few amazing memes:

And it also made us realize that this isn't something that happens everywhere:

Apparently, the rest of the world doesn't test their sirens at the same time we do. Who knew? As a lifelong Minnesotan, I've been conditioned to always check the time and day of the week when I hear a siren going off. That Wednesday at 1 pm howl is the song of my people.

Welcome to Minnesota!

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