The City of Sartell unveiled a new logo in 2023, along with a new website. The City’s logo had not been updated since 1999, and the website has not been updated since 2017, so it was time for a refresh to ring in the new year.

On their Facebook page, Sartell shared a deep dive into the meaning behind the new logo:

The logo's symbolisms are meant to tell a story. Each piece was thought out about WHY it should be included in Sartell's story. The refreshed logo gives a nod to our history while embracing our current and future states of who we are as a City.

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Here is how the logo breaks down:

The Sun: The yellow color is more than a contrast to the blue. It is a representation of the positivity, energy, and warmth of the community.

Three Rapids: These rapids represent the town's original name. The area was known as "The Third Rapids" by French fur traders. The lighter-colored rapid along the bottom of the logo is representative of a bank on the river.

The Bridge: The bridge is styled after the one in Sartell across the Mississippi River. It is a symbol of progress and connecting the past to the future.

The Circle (shape): The circular shape is representative of the community, friendship, unity, and inclusivity.

Another new change is that the council also approved the tagline “it’s not where we live but how we live that matters. Live Sartell.” It's always nice to see a refresh where a lot of though and meaning is put into the project. They didn't just slap some images together and call it good, they made a logo that truly stands for the same values the town holds.

And just to job your memory and have something to compare it to, here is the old Sartell logo:


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