Back in October a video surfaced of a home decorated with Halloween lights that were set to go along with a song from the band LMFAO, and it was awesome. So it's no surprise that the same thing was done with Christmas lights, but this time it is set to a Motley Crue song called 'Kick Start My Heart'.

The house is located in Appleton Wisconsin, and almost every inch of the home and yard are covered in lights. Not only must this have taken hours to hang and get timed right...but can you imagine this guys electricity bill!

The timing on these lights is so incredible it's hard to believe it's real. Even Nikki Sixx (Crue's bass player) said of the performance "Merry X Mas indeed...Wow...blown away!"

Even more surprising, this isn't this guys first rodeo. This is last years display and he has done it in years before also. I'm willing to bet he is working on something incredible for this year, and I can't wait to see it.