We love spending time outdoors in Minnesota, and of course, hanging out in the garage. It's where we get stuff done. Well, this Minnesota home has taken their garage decorating game up a notch.

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The owners of this Garfield, MN home converted it into a 1950's malt shop! And we can't get enough of these pictures. Seriously, how cool!? Inside you'll notice a giant poster of a cherry red convertible, 1950's style booths, and the Coca Cola logo everywhere. The floor has also been decorated with the iconic black and white checkered tiles.

This garage, located at 11902 County Road 12 NW, is like stepping back in time. The homeowner even has a cherry red convertible-looking golf cart parked outside to complete the theme.

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How fun would it be to throw a birthday party or summer bash here?! Well, you can totally buy it! It's for sale right now for a whopping $5,900,000 according to Zillow. This home is completely decked out with 19 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms all encompassed in 22,700 square feet of space on 48 acres of land. Yeah, it's safe to say this cute 1950's malt shop is just the tip of the ice burg with this home.

What a cool opportunity it would be to buy this home and convert it into your own personal resort or Airbnb with an adorable little malt shop!

The Realtor.Com listing says it best, "Everything is over the top."

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