NO. 2A No. 3A 139 LBS Ryan Jensen No. 10A 145 LBS Tanner Viessman No. 8A 152 LBS Brett DeRoo No. 9A 160 LBS Ethan Mueller No. 1A 172 LBS Maximus Hanson No. 5A 215 LBS Garson Gilbert No. 9A 285 LBS Harley Weber The Jaguars defeated a pair of Section 5A teams at their home triangular. They defeated Class A Lean and Mean KMS 40-21 and Benson 42-6. Noah Jensen (107), Noah Welte (114), Ryan Jensen (139), Maximus Hanson (172) and Carson Gilbert (215) all went 2-0. The Jaguars had an awesome team performance to win the championship honors at the Minnewaska “Lakers” Invitational with 264.5 points and twelve medal winners. The Jaguars earned four championships by: Ryan Jensen (139), Tanner Viessman (145), Maximus Hanson (172) and Carson Gilbert (215). Noah Welte (114), Ethan Mueller (160) and Harley Weber (285) both earned second place medals and Brett DeRoo (152) earned a third place medal. Noah Jensen (107) and Hunter Laage (189) both earned fourth place medals, Louie Jensen (133) earned fifth place and Davin Preble (215) took sixth place.

107 Noah Jensen (BBE) Fall Oswaldo Moreno (KMS) 2:49 114 Noah Welte (BBE) Maj. Dec. Brody VanHeuveln (KMS) 12-1 121 Colton Noble (KMS) Dec. Aiden Mueller (BBE) 5-1 127 Cole Froehlich (KMS) Fall Jace Mueller (BBE) :48 133 Trey Gunderson (KMS) Fall Louie Tensen (BBE) 3:24 139 Ryan Jensen (BBE) Fall Shane Froehlich (KMS) 1:25 145 Tanner Viessman (BBE) Dec. Taytan Nielsen (KMS) 8-1 152 Brett DeRoo (BBE) Fall Wyatt Rudningen (KMS) 1:57 160 Jett Olson (KMS) Dec. Ethan Mueller (BBE) 3-2 172 Maximus Hanson (BBE) Fall Jake Holtcamp (KMS) 1:11 189 Aaron Jones (KMS) Dec. Hunter Laage (BBE) 2-1 215 Carson Gilbert (BBE) Fall Jay Harkema (KMS) 2:19 285 Harley Weber (BBE) Dec. Owen Kidrowski (KMS) 2-1

107 Noah Jensen (BBE) Dec. Ed Wah (BEN) 8-4 114 Noah Welte (BBE) Dec. Gavin Olson (BEN) 6-2 121 Noah DeRoo (BBE) Won by Forfeit 127 Max Nygaard (BEN) Fall Jace Mueller (BBE) 1:46 133 Louie Tensen (BBE) Fall Mu tah Wah (BEN) 4:28 139 Ryan Jensen (BBE) Fall Darin Hippe (BEN) :52 145 Double Forfeit 152 Andrew Spanier (BBE) Fall Blake Wieme (BEN) 2:34 160 Double Forfeit 172 Maximus Hanson (BBE) Fall Adrian Young (BEN) 1:37 189 Double Forfeit 215 Carson Gilbert (BBE) Fall Taylor Ellingson (BEN) 2:29 285 Double Forfeit HOLDINGFORD HUSKERS NO. 3A No. 6A 121 LBS Wyatt Pilarski No. 3A 127 LBS Wyatt Novitzki No. 7A 139 LBS Masyn Patrick No. 5A 145 LBS William Pilarski No. 6A 152 LBS Simon Boeckman No. 2A 172 LBS Drew Lange No. 4A 215 LBS Jaxon Barkowicz The Huskers had a very impressive team performance at the Bemidji “Rick Lee” duals, they had six huge wins over ranked opponents. The Huskers defeated No. 5A ranked Staples-Motley 32-22, Lean and Mean Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 46-12, AA Lean and Mean Pierz 38-26, No. 8A ranked Frazee 38-15, Class A Lean and Mean United North Central 53-15 and AAA Bemidji 33-18. Jaxon Bartkowicz, Drew Lange and Wyatt Pilarski all went 6-0, Wyatt Novitzki, Masyn Patrick and Luke Bieniek all went 5-1, Casey Knettel and William Pilarski both went 4-2 and Simon Boeckman and Kolton Harren both went 3-1. Special Notes: Jaxon Bartkowicz 215 LBS recorded his 50th Career Fall and Wyatt Pilarski (127) Won his 75th Career Match.

107 Gage Bjerga (STM) Fall Carson Reis (HOLD) :45 114 Caden Kramer (STM) Tech. Fall Casey Knettel (HOLD) 121 Elijah Greenwaldt (STM) Tech. Fall Lane Patrick (HOLD) 127 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Dec. Jack Carlson (STM) 7-2 133 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Dec. Turner Beachy (STM) 10-4 139 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Dec. Riley Reese (STM) 5-3 145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Maj.Dec. Blake Neelan (STM) 11-1 152 Colbe Tappe (STM) Dec. Simon Boeckman (HOLD) 11-4 160 Luke Bieniek (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Owen Winter (STM) 13-5 172 Drew Lange (HOLD) Fall Zachary Tabatt (STM) 5:06 189 Kolton Harren (HOLD) Dec. Luke Bjerga (STM) 7-2 215 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Fall Adrian Gomez (STM) 1:05 285 Steve Petrich (STM) Dec. Toby Phillipp (HOLD) 8-2 HOLDINFORD 38 PIERZ 26 107 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Evan Kraska (PIE) 114 Kyle Stangl (PIE) Fall Teagun Burg (HOLD) 1:54 121 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Gauge Johnson (PIE) 3:10 127 Hunter Przybilla (PIE) Fall Noah Perowitz (HOLD) 3:01 133 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Dec. Carter Young (PIE) 5-2 139 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Cash Fussy (PIE) 19-7 145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Brecken Andres (PIE) 3:32 152 Chase Becker (PIE) Tech. Fall Teddy Auer (HOLD) 160 Luke Bieniek (HOLD) Dec. Brayden Melby (PIE) 6-4 172 Drew Lange (HOLD) Default Jayden Zajac (PIE) 189 Caleb Koch (PIEZ) Dec Kolton Harren (HOLD) 9-3 215 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Fall Wyatt Dingmann (PIE) 2:32 285 Jack Byker (PIE) Fall Toby Phillipp (HOLD) :37

107 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Ashton Reller (FRA) Maj 10-0 114 Lane Patrick (Holdingford) over Christian Peichel (Frazee) Fall 1:09 121 Wyatt Pilarski (Holdingford) over Liam Hamm (Frazee) Maj 11-3 127 Wyatt Novitzki (Holdingford) over Blake Sonnenberg (Frazee) Fall 3:40 133 Brady Borah (Frazee) over Noah Perowitz (Holdingford) Dec 8-1 139 Masyn Patrick (Holdingford) over Josh Mellema (Frazee) Dec 5-0 145 Bailey Peichel (Frazee) over William Pilarski (Holdingford) SV-1 6-4 152 Simon Boeckman (Holdingford) over Tyler Moe (Frazee) Dec 5-3 160 Luke Bieniek (Holdingford) over Cade Nagel (Frazee) Dec 6-3 172 Drew Lange (Holdingford) over Preston Mayfield (Frazee) Dec 10-4 189 Jack Graham (Frazee) over Evan Lichy (Holdingford) Dec 7-1 215 Tanner Moe (Frazee) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf 285 Jaxon Bartkowicz (Holdingford) over Xander Kohler (Frazee) Fall 1:34

107 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Sam Roiko (UNC) 9-0 114 Fynn Bakke (UNC) Fall Lane Patrick (HOLD) :36 121 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Cooper Rife (UNC) 3:46 127 Aaron Lake (UNC) Dec. Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) 6-5 133 Creed Koll (UNC) Fall Noah Perowitz (HOLD) 4:42 139 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Fall Zach Hendrickson (UNC) 4:30 145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Rhett Anderson (UNC) 1:35 152 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Fall Brody Yliniemi (UNC) 1:24 160 Luke Bieniek (HOLD) Fall Gene Morter (UNC) 1:22 172 Drew Lange (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Riley Livingston (UNC) 16-4 189 Evan Lichy (HOLD) Fall Mason Kipka (UNC) 1:40 215 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Dec. Ryan Peterson (UNC) 11-4 285 Toby Phillipp (HOLD) Won by Forfeit

107 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Fall Oscar Hanks (BEM) 3:34 114 Casey Sisneros (BEM) Dec. Lane Patrick (HOLD) 6-4 OT 121 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Levi Mellema (BEM) 1:53 127 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Dec. Gabriel Morin (BEM) 4-0 133 Brody Castonguay (BEM) Won by Forfeit 139 Nick Strand (BEM) Dec. Masyn Patrick (HOLD) 4-2 145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Dec. Lincoln Schmitt (BEM) 6-0 152 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Tech. Fall Ty White (BEM) 160 Alec Newby (BEM) Dec. Luke Bieniek (HOLD) 5-3 172 Drew Lange (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Talen Fairbanks (BEM) 15-5 189 Kolton Harren (HOLD) Dec. Ricky Wuori Jr. (BEM) 5-2 215 Joseph Frenzel (BEM) Dec. Toby Phillipp (HOLD) 4-2 285 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Dec. Parker Orvik (BEM) 3-1 OT

107 Logan Petersen (TMB) Dec. Casey Knettel (HOLD) 4-0 114 Lane Patrick (HOLD) Dec. Nolan Verlinde (TMB) 9-7 OT 121 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Troy Gillette (TMB) 2:45 127 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Tech. Fall Jayden Hansen (TMB) 133 David Schuh (TMB) Won by Forfeit 139 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Tech. Fall Damian Alatriste (TMB) 145 Alexander Schuh (TMB) Dec. William Pilarski (HOLD) 6-3 152 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Dec. Jacob Meyer (TMB) 6-2 160 Luke Bieniek (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Zachary Swanson (TMB) 11-0 172 Drew Lange (HOLD) Tech. Fall Ashton Squires (TMB) 189 Kolton Harren (HOLD) Fall Lawton Verlinde (TMB) :53 215 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Fall Eathan Martinez (TMB) 2:22 285 Toby Phillipp (HOLD) Dec. Jack Willhite (TMB) 6-0

NO. 7A No. 10A 139 LBS John Bzdok No. 4A 152 LBS Sawyer Simmons No. 2A 285 LBS Brandon Mugg The Royals had a very good week with two big wins over Class A Lean and Mean LPGE/BR 36-20 and Section 7A foe Deer River 52-12. Spencer Novitzki (127), Parker Dietman (145), John Bzdok (133), Jake Leners (189), Kaden Holm (215) and Brandon Mugg (285) all went 2-0. Special Note: Sawyer Simmons 152 LBS recorded his 50th Career Fall. The Royals had very good team performance with 171 points and fifteen medals winners to earn second place at the Alexandria “Big Ole” Invitational, just a couple points from the championship. Sawyer Simmons (152) and Jake Leners (189) both earned championship medals and Nicholas Leibold (172) and Brandon Mugg (285) both earned second place medals. Lane Olson (139), Brady Yourczek (152) and Kaden Holm (215) all earned third place medals. Andrew Hayes (107), John Bzdok (133), Logan Nundahl (145) and Bryce Binek (160) all earned fourth place medals. Marcus Hayes (114), Parker Dietman (145) and Brady Pekorek (189) all earned fifth place and Spencer Novitzki (127) earned sixth place.

107 Brodie Pachan (LPGE/BR) Maj. Dec. Andrew Hayes (R/U) 10-0 114 Hunter Katterhagen (LPGE/BR) Won by Forfeit 127 Spencer Novitzki (R/U) Fall Maverick Dreher (LPGE/BR) 5:22 133 John Bzdok (R/U) Dec. Logan Thom (LPGE/BR) 5-1 139 Lane Olson (R/U) Maj. Dec. Justin Houdek (LPGE) 14-4 172 Mason Bruder (LPGE/BR) Maj. Dec. Nicholas Leibold (R/U) 13-4 189 Jake Leners (R/U) Maj. Dec. Dylan Recknor (LPGE/BR)10-2 121 Evan Flan (LPGE/BR) Dec. Marcus Hayes (R/U) 5-0 215 Kaden Holm (R/U) Fall Alex Line (LPGE/BR 5:27 285 Brandon Mugg (ROUP) Won by Forfeit 145 Parker Dietman (R/U) Dec. Drew Sudbeck (LPGE/BR) 4-0 152 Tucker Zigan (LPGE/BR) Dec. Sawyer Simmons (R/U) 5-1 160 Bryce Binek (R/U) Maj. Dec. Nathan Browen (LPGE/BR) 8-0

107 Andrew Hayes (R/U) Fall Ian Villenueve (DR) 1:05 114 Charles Ikola (DR) Dec. Marcus Hayes (R/U) 4-0 127 Spencer Novitzki (R/U) Fall Hunter Applebee (DR) 1:24 133 John Bzdok (R/U) Fall Dylan Gielen (DR) 5:02 139 Tate Evans (DR) Dec. Lane Olson (R/U) 2-1 172 Nicholas Leibold (R/U) Dec. Hunter Rhodes (DR) 13-10 189 Jake Leners (R/U) Dec. Gus Thompson (DR) 3-1 121 Tyler Hulbert (DR) Won by Forfeit 215 Kaden Holm (R/U) Fall Lee Perrington (DR) 1:35 145 Parker Dietman (R/U) Won by Forfeit 152 Brady Yourczek (R/U) Maj. Dec Wyatt Gullickson (DR) 13-1 160 Sawyer Simmons (R/U) Fall Nathias Parks (DR) 2:45 285 Brandon Mugg (R/U Won by Forfeit


No. 11A No. 6A 114 LBS Roman Roberg No. 3A 189 LBS Payton Hemmesch The Bulldogs had a very good team performance for 188 points and fourteen medal winners to win their “Bulldogs” Invitational. Jamison Meagher (107), Roman Roberg (114), Mason McNab (127) Brandon Hess (152) and Peyton Hemmesch (189) all earned championship medals. Mitch Blonigan (145) earned a second place medal, Devon Schmidt (121), Brayden Kierstead-Hahn (133), Mason Hansen (139) and Seth Vearrier (215) all earned third place medals. Preston Welling (139) earned fourth, , Grant Wendlandt (160) and Kevin Raya (285) all earned fifth place and Grant Miller (285) earned sixth place.


No. 7A 189 LBS Sonny DeHeer No. 10A 160 LBS Isaac Ortiz The Eagles had a a good week, they went 2-1 the ACGC “Falcons” quadrangular. They defeated DC/Litch 50-18 and Rockford 51-12. They were defeated by Class A Lean and Mean and conference rivals ACGC 37-20. Brayden Kramer (133) and Treyce Ludwig (189) both went 3-0, Cason DeMarais, John Weiss, Ricky Valencia, Ryder Schmidt (145), Sonnie DeHeer (189) all went 2-1 and Brody Sieben (107) and Isaac Ortiz (160) all went 2-0. The Eagles split their duals at the HLWW “Lakers” triangular. The Eagles had a very good team performance with 118 points and eight medal winners to earn third place at the Paynesville Area “Bulldogs” Invitational. Brody Sieben (107), Brayden Kramer (133) and Carter Scheeler (152) all earned second place medals, Ryder Schmidt (1450 and Treyce Ludwig (189) all earned third place medals. Isaac Ortiz (160) and Nick Becker (285) both earned fourth place medals and Mitch Lipinski (215) earned sixth place.

107 Nolan Bierwerth (ACGC) Tech. Fall Cason DeMarais (EVW) 114 Brody Sieben (EVW) Dec. Tucker Johnson (ACGC) 1-0 121 John Weiss (EVW) Maj. Dec. Jayden Hoecke (ACGC) 10-2 127 Ricky Vaquera Valencia (EVW) Dec. Logan Holien (ACGC) 6-4 133 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Maj. Dec. Luke Garvick (ACGC) 10-1 139 Braxton Kragenbring (ACGC) Won by Forfeit 145 Edwyn Gonzalez (ACGC) Won by Forfeit 152 Joseph Sherwood (ACGC) Fall Ryder Schmidt (EVW) 2:56 160 Brody Straumann (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Carter Scheeler (EVW) 12-2 172 Jevon Williams (ACGC) Fall Thomas Thompson (EVW) 2:45 189 Treyce Ludwig (EVW) Dec. Ethan Whitcomb (ACGC) 11-5 215 Isaiah Renne (ACGC) Maj. Dec. Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) 9-0 285 Nick Becker (EVW) Dec. Juan Cardenas (ACGC) 3-2

107 Brody Sieben (EVW) Dec. Isaac Staggemeyer (ROCK) 6-0 114 Cason DeMarais (EVW) Fall Hunter Fitch (ROCK) :50 121 Jesse Broen (ROCK) Fall John Weiss (EVW) 2:52 127 Ricky Vaquera Valencia (EVW) Fall Roman Morgan (ROCK) 1:20 133 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Fall Hunter Hannegrefs (ROCK) 1:04 139 Double Forfeit 145 Ryder Schmidt (EVW) Fall River Freshour (ROCK) 2:00 152 Double Forfeit 160 Carter Scheeler (EVW) Won by Forfeit 172 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Won by Forfeit 189 Treyce Ludwig (EVW) Won by Forfeit 215 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Fall Marcus Dietman (ROCK) 1:17 285 Nathan Woodward (ROCK) Fall Nick Becker (EVW) 1:27

107 Brody Sieben (EVW) Fall Krey Penk (DCL) 4:37 114 Cason DeMarais (EVW) Fall Sullivan Decker (DCL) 1:14 121 John Weiss (EVW) Fall Presley Havemeier (DCL) 3:41 127 Evan Block (DCL) Won by Forfeit 133 Gavin Terning (DCL) Fall Ricky Vaquera Valencia (EVW) 1:49 139 Brayden Kramer (EVW) Dec. Owen Culbertson (DCL) 7-5 145 Ryder Schmidt (EVW) Fall Adrian Miller (DCL) 2:42 152 Branden Aho (DCL) Won by Forfeit 160 Carter Scheeler (EVW) Fall Jake Decker (DCL) 2:43 172 Isaac Ortiz (EVW) Maj. Dec. Deagan Weatherholt (DCL) 9-1 189 Treyce Ludwig (EVW) Fall Johnny Berg (DCL) 1:25 215 Sonnie DeHeer (EVW) Maj. Dec. OJ Winston (DCL) 8-0 285 Mitchell Lipinski (EVW) Dec Luis Serrato (DCL) 3-1 OT


No. 8A 189 LBS Hank Meyer The Cubs split their duals at the HLWW ‘Lakers” triangular, they were defeated by AA HLWW 42-13 and they defeated Sauk Rapids-Rice 38-26. Miles Lohman, Mark Schieflebein Frank Schiefelbein and Garret Rosenow all went 2-0.

107 Miles Looman (KIM) Tech. Fall McKenzie Wagman-Kelley (SRR) 114 Bryce Ness (SRR) Maj. Dec. Karson Schmidt (KIM) (MD 14-4) 121 Ryder Schwieters (KIM) Fall Dylan Gapinski (SRR) 3:20 127 John (Carter) Pesta (SRR) Won by Forfeit 133 Vance Barz (SRR) Fall William Serbus (KIM) 2:41 139 Mark Schiefelbein (KIM) Fall Alex Walden (SRR) :55 145 James Schiefelbein (KIM) Won by Forfeit 152 Frank Schiefelbein (KIM) Won by Forfeit 160 Jon Serbus (KIM) Won by Forfeit 172 Garret Rosenow (KIM) Dec. Christian Nelson (SRR) (Dec 12-7) 189 Isaac Thiele (SRR) Maj. Dec. Adrian Blonigan (KIM) (MD 13-1) 215 Carter Koltes (SRR) Won by Forfeit 285 Double Forfeit

107 Miles Looman (KIM) Fall Logan McKee (HLWW) 3:27 114 Ryker Clobes (HLWW) Fall Karson Schmidt (KIM) :34 121 Gabriel Michels (HLWW) Fall Ryder Schwieters (KIM) 3:01 127 Alex Ogle (HLWW) Won by Forfeit 133 Raydon Graham (HLWW) Dec. William Serbus (KIM) 8-4 139 Mark Schiefelbein (KIAR) Dec. Caleb Michels (HLWW) 4-2 145 Tony Baumann (HLWW) Tech. Fall James Schiefelbein (KIM) 152 Frank Schiefelbein (KIM) Maj. dec. Gabe Monson (HLWW) 11-3 160 William Kutz (HLWW) Maj. Dec. Jon Serbus (KIM) 16-2 172 Michael Mumford (HLWW) Fall Adrian Blonigan (KIM) :43 189 Garret Rosenow (KIM) Won by Forfeit 215 Matthew Busse (HLWW) Won by Forfeit 285 Leo Duske (HLWW) Won by Forfeit



No. 7AA No. 3AA 107 LBS Boston Kuschel No. 3AA 114 LBS Bennett Kujawa No. 7AA 133 LBS Brayden Boots No. 2AA 139 LBSKaden Nicolas No. 3AA 145 LBS Landen Kujawa No. 6AA 152 LBSDrew May No. 7AA 172 LBS Owen Angell The Bulldogs had a good week, despite missing a couple of their starting wrestlers. They went 2-0 at the Foley “Falcons” Triangular. They defeated Section 6AA rivals and AA Lean and Mean Foley 29-27 and Mora. 47-24. Jacob Williams, Boston Kuschel, Kaden Nicolas, Drew May and Owen Angell all went 2-0. The Bulldogs defeated AAA Lean and Mean New Prague 39-27 and AAA St. Cloud Crush 44-19. They were defeated by No. 3AAA ranked Shakopee 46-21 in the championship of the Kiffmeyer Duals. Bennett Kujawa and Drew May both went 3-0, Boston Kuschel went 2-1 and Tyler Hall and Owen Angell both went 2-0. The Bulldogs had a good week, despite missing a couple of their starting wrestlers. They went 2-0 at the Foley “Falcons” Triangular. They defeated Section 6AA rivals and AA Lean and Mean Foley 29-27 and Mora. 47-24. Jacob Williams, Boston Kuschel, Kaden Nicolas, Drew May and Owen Angell all went 2-0. The Bulldogs defeated AAA Lean and Mean New Prague 39-27 and AAA St. Cloud Crush 44-19. They were defeated by No. 3AAA ranked Shakopee 46-21 in the championship of the Kiffmeyer Duals. Bennett Kujawa and Drew May both went 3-0, Boston Kuschel went 2-1 and Tyler Hall and Owen Angell both went 2-0.

107 Jacob Williams (BEC) Fall Carter Hill (MOR) :31 114 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Fall Allen Cruz Batista (MOR) 1:07 121 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Tech. Fall Braydon Eakman (MOR) 3:18 127 Mason Nelson (MOR) Fall Jackson Fischer (BEC) 1:37 133 Nolan Jurek (BEC) Fall Joey Connor (MOR) :54 139 Stratton Nelson (MOR) Fall Grady Muellner (BEC) 4:21 145 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Dec. Nathan Nelson (MOR) 11-4 152 Drew May (BEC) Dec. Brock Folkema (MOR) 4-0 160 Carter Gmahl (MOR) Fall Jake Rosenow (BEC) 1:04 172 Logan Jarvis (BEC) Fall Josh Yates (MOR) :57 189 Owen Angell (BEC) Fall Jared Yates (MOR) :50 215 Gus Baldry (BEC) Fall Ben Barnes (MOR) 1:20 285 Curtis Maegi (MOR) Won by Forfeit

107 Jacob Williams (BEC) Maj. Dec. Jacob Dresler (FOL) 11-0 114 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Fall Bryce Leabch (FOL) 1:19 121 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Dec. Bennett Kujawa (BEC) 5-0 127 Cayden Hansmeier (FOL) Dec. Nolan Jurek (BEC) 10-3 133 Wyatt Hall (FOL) Maj. Dec. Jackson Fischer (MOR) 9-1 139 Tyler Wilhelmi (FOL) Dec. Tyler Hall (BEC) 7-3 145 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Tech. Fall Noah Brunn (FOL) 5:41 152 Drew May (BEC) Fall Blake Herbst (FOL) :43 160 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Tech. Fall Brody Kipka (FOL) 5:24 172 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Maj. Dec. Logan Jarvis (BEC) 13-3 189 Owen Angell (BEC) Dec. Keagon Frisbie (FOL) 18-12 215 Josiah Peterson (FOL) Maj. Dec. Aiden Golley (BEC) 10-1 285 Declan John (FOL) Won by Forfeit CHAMPIONSHIP

107 Anthony Heim (SHAK) Maj. Dec. Jacob Williams (BEC) 21-8 114 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Dec. Ben Suchta (SHAK) 2-0 121 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Tech. Fall Ryan Bruckner (SHAK) 127 Tyler Turzinski (SHAK) Fall Nolan Jurek (BEC) 1:48 133 Calvin Miller (SHAK) Fall Tyler Hall (BEC) 2:42 139 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Default Connor Warren (SHAK) 145 Drew May (BEC) Maj. Dec. Joseph Heim (SHAK) 13-4 152 Kyler Walters (SHAK) Fall Jake Rosenow (BEC) 1:24 160 Jack Ferguson (SHAK) Fall Avery Dawson (BEC) :19 172 Logan Jarvis (BEC) Dec. Kyle Linville (SHAK) 8-3 189 Jackson Barron (SHAK) Fall Gus Baldry (BEC) 1:37 215 Dominic Heim (SHAK) Fall Aiden Golley (BEC) :20 285 Alex Wieczorek (SHAK) Won by Forfeit

107 Jacob Williams (BEC) Tech. Fall Grady Doering (SCC) 114 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Fall Gil Andreas Rafols (SCC) :49 121 Jack Hamak (SCC) Maj. Dec. Andrew Fischer (BEC) 15-5 127 Kendall Booker (SCC) Dec. Jackson Fischer (BEC) 4-2 133 Tyler Hall (BEC) Won by Forfeit 139 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Fall Ethan Lunning (SCC) 1:11 145 Drew May (BEC) Tech. Fall Noah Neuman (SCC) 152 Jaden Dombrovski (SCC) Dec. Jake Rosenow (BEC) 11-4 160 Tanner Hugg (SCC) Dec. Logan Jarvis (BEC) 11-8 172 Owen Angell (BEC) Won by Forfeit 189 Aiden Golley (BEC) Maj. Dec. Batuo Teboh (SCC) 12-3 215 Gus Baldry (BEC) Won by Forfeit 285 Noah Orth (SCC) Fall Nathan Smith (BEC) 1:21

107 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Maj. Dec. Grady Connelly (NP) 8-0 114 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Fall Elijah Lofton (NP) 2:43 121 Vincent Labelle (NP) Fall Andrew Fischer (BEC) 1:42 127 Lawson Eller (NP) Fall Nolan Jurek (BEC) 1:24 133 Tyler Hall (BEC) Dec/ Kyle McCarthy (NP) 11-10 139 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Tech. Fall Cody Thompson (NP) 145 Drew May (BEC) Dec. Brandon Michel (NP) 6-1 152 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Fall Jordan Schmitz (NP) 2:28 160 Logan Jarvis (BEC) Fall Landon Shepard (NP) 3:21 172 Brady Westall (NP) Fall Kendrick Tomasko (BEC) 1:38 189 Owen Angell (BEC) Fall Owen Johnson (NP) 2:55 215 Reven Tietz (NP) Dec. Aiden Golley (BEC) 8-2 285 Brady Gregory (NP) Won by Forfeit


No. 10AA No. 10AA 121 LBS Cayden Neisen No. 7AA 139 LBS Joey Wilczek No. 10AA 160 LBS Beau Robinson No. 8AA 189 LBS Hank LeClair No. 5AA 215 LBS Ivan Petrich The Flyers had a good tournament performance with 159 points and fourteen medal winners to earn second place at the Minnewaska “Lakers” Invitational. Mason Rausch (133) earned their lone championship medal, Noah Cameron (145), Hank LeClair (189) and Ivan Petrich (215) all earned second place medals. Ryan Vogt (114) and Joey Wilczek (139) both earned third place medals and Cayden Neisen (121), Cassidy Okerman (133) and Caden Peacock (160) all earned fourth place medals. Seth Ramsdell (107), Hayden Ramsdell (127) and Hunter Ramsdell (172) all earned fifth place and Alex Schmitz (285) earned sixth place.


12AA(Section 6AA) No. 8AA 160 LBS Evan Moscho No. 4AA 189 LBS Mason Orth No. 1AA 285 LBS Grady Minnerath The Spartans had a good week, they defeated a pair of Central Lakes Conference rivals at the Alexandria “Cardinals” Triangular. They defeated Alexandria 44-22 and St. Cloud Crush 51-15. Jack Major (145), Evan Moscho (160), Nathan Soldner (172), Mason Orth (189), Christian Rodriquez (215) and Grady Minnerath (285) all went 2-0. The Spartans earned second place at the Paynesville Area “Bulldogs” Invitational, despite missing three of their starters. They earned 149 pts with nine earned medals. Jack Major (145), Nathan Soldner (172) and Grady Minnerath (285) all earned championship medals. Evan Moscho (160) and Mason Orth (189) both earned second place medals and Kameron Moscho (127) earned a third place medal. Christian Rodriguez (215) earned fourth place and Ronin Vettleson (133) and Beau Lindell (139) both earned fifth place.

107 Connor Faber (ROC) Dec. Shane Timm (ALEX) 5-2 114 Davey Maldonado (ROC) Fall Riley Gulbranson (ALEX) :58 121 Nolan Fettig (ALEX) Fall Mason Moscho (ROC) 3:43 127 Mason Mcgrane (ALEX) Fall Kameron Moscho (ROC) 3:13 133 Mason Evjen (ALEX) Maj. Dec. Ronin Vettleson (ROC) 11-0 139 Zachary Richards (ALEX) Fall Beau Lindell (ROC) 3:05 145 Ryder Kremers (ROC) Dec. Karl Franson (ALEX) 9-5 152 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Landon Day (ALEX) 1:49 160 Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall Carter Athey (ALEX) :25 172 Nathan Soldner (ROC) Tech. Fall Gavin Engelbrecht (ALEX) 17-2 189 Mason Orth (ROC) Dec. Pablo Garcia (ALEX) 4-1 215 Christian Rodriguez (ROC) Fall Jaxon Werder (ALEX) (2:49 285 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Fall Luke Maanum (ALEX) 1:24

107 Grady Doering (SCC) Fall Connor Faber (ROC) 1:22 114 Zac Humbert (ROC) Fall Gil Andreas Rafols (SCC) 4:48 121 Jack Hamak (SCC) Dec. Davey Maldonado (ROC) 14-8 127 Kendall Booker (SCC) Dec. Mason Moscho (ROC) 11-4 133 Kameron Moscho (ROC) Fall Mustafa Abshir (SCC) 3:32 139 Ethan Lunning (SCC) Fall Beau Lindell (ROC) 2:49 145 Jack Major (ROC) Fall Noah Neuman (SCC) 1:22 152 Jaden Dombrovski (SCC) Fall Ryder Kremers (ROC) 1:24 160 Evan Moscho (ROC) Fall Daniel Hughes (SCC) :50 172 Nathan Soldner (ROC) Dec. Tanner Hugg (SCC) 10-4 189 Mason Orth (ROC) Won by Forfeit 215 Christian Rodriguez (ROC) Fall Batuo Teboh (SCC) 3:47 285 Grady Minnerath (ROC) Won by Forfeit Misconduct -1.0)


CLASS AA LEAN AND MEAN No. 7AA 121 LBS Cyler Ruhoff No. 8AA 172 LBSAlex Jennissen The Falcons split their duals at their home triangular, they defeated conference rivals Mora 43-24 and they were defeated by Becker 29-27 in a Section 6AA rivals and State ranked No. 7AA. Alex Jennissen (172) and Josiah Peterson (215) both went 2-0. The Falcons were defeated by No. 3AAA ranked Shakopee 52-13, No. 9AAA ranked Willmar 35-21 and by AAA Lean and Mean Cambridge-Isanti 39-28 at the Kiffmeyer Duals. Cyler Ruhoff (121) and Alex Jennissen (172) both went 3-0 and Josiah Peterson (215) went 2-1.

107 Mason Hoffman (BHVP) Fall Jake Drexler (FOL) :48 114 Hudson Truax (BHVP) Fall Simon Brenny (FOL) 1:09 121 Isaac Grabow (BHVP) Maj.Dec. Zane Moulzolf (FOL) 10-2 127 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Dec. Orran Hart (BHVP) 9-2 133 Wyatt Wall (FOL) Dec. Justin Olson (BHVP) 5-0 139 Tyler Wilhelmi (FOL) Tech. Fall Preston Captain (BHVP) 5:59 145 Evan Jares (BHVP) Dec. Noah Brunn (FOL) 5-2 152 Blake Herbst (FOL) Maj. Dec. Tanner Schulke (BHVP) 11-1 160 Wyatt Lueck (FOL) Maj.Dec. David Veronen (BHVP) 12-0 172 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Dec. David Revering (BHVP) 2-1 189 Keagon Frisbie (FOL) Dec. Zach Mrnak (BHVP) 6-0 215 Josiah Peterson (FOL) Won by Forfeit 285 Braden Shamp (BHVP) Fall Trey Burgardt (FOL) :33

107 Jacob Drexler (FOL) Fall Carter Hill (MOR) 2:57 114 Bryce Leabch (FOL) Fall Allen Cruz Batista (MOR) :54 121 Cyler Ruhoff (FOL) Won by Forfeit 127 Mason Nelson (MOR) Fall Zane Moulzolf (FOL) :30 133 Wyatt Wall (FOL) Maj. Dec. Stratton Nelson (MOR) 11-0 139 Nathan Nelson (MOR) Maj. Dec. Tyler Wilhelmi (FOL) 18-7 145 Brock Folkema (MOR) Maj. Dec. Noah Brunn (FOL) 11-3 152 Blake Herbst (FOL) Won by Forfeit 160 Carter Gmahl (MOR) Maj. Dec. Brody Kipka (FOL) 13-1 172 Alex Jennissen (FOL) Fall Josh Yates (MOR) 3:03 189 Keagon Frisbie (FOL) Dec. Jared Yates (MOR) 5-1 215 Josiah Peterson (FOL) Fall Ben Barnes (MOR) :46 285 Curtis Mages (MOR) Fall Declan John (FOL) 1:36


CLASS AA LEAN AND MEAN No. 4AA 152 LBS Chase Becker The Pioneers defeated a Granite Ridge Conference and Section 7AA rival Mora 44-17 and rival Princeton 42-26. Evan Kraska, Kyle Stangl, Link Toops, Carter Young, Chase Becker and. Jayden Zajac all went 2-0. The Pioneers took of a number of ranked teams at the Bemidji “Rick Lee” Duals. They defeated AA Thief River Falls 44-19 and Class A Lean and Mean Tracy-Milroy-Balaton 38-20. They were defeated by AAA Lean and Mean Brainerd 32-31, No. 3A ranked Holdingford 38-26 and No. 5A ranked Staples-Motley 45-12. Kyle Stangl and Caleb Koch both went 5-0, Wyatt Dingman and Chase Becker both went 4-1. Brayden Melby went 4-2, Cash Fussy went 3-1, Evan Kraska went 3-2, Carter Young went 3-3, Link Toops went 2-2. Special Note; Chase Becker 152 LBS Won his 100th Career Match.

107 Evan Kraska (PIE) Fall Carter Hill (MOR) :43 114 Kyle Stangl (PIE) Fall Bentley Hill (MOR) :56 121 Link Toops (PIE) Fall Joseph connor (MOR) :15 127 Mason Nelson (MOR) Tech. Fall Hunter Przybilla (PIE) 4:47 133 Carter Young (PIE) Tech. Fall Stratton Nelson (MOR) 4:47 139 Nathan Nelson (MOR) Tech. Fall Cash Fussy (PIE) 4:47 145 Connor Hennessy (PIE) Dec. Cooper Sjodin (MOR) 12-6 152 Chase Becker (PIE) Dec. Brock Folkema (MOR) 5-1 160 Carter Gmahl Jr (MOR) Dec. Brayden Melby (PIE) 8-2 172 Jayden Zajac (PIE) Fall Josh Yates (MOR) 1:21 189 Caleb Koch (PIE) Dec. Jared Yates (MOR) 9-2 215 Brock Peterson (MOR) Maj. Dec. Wyatt Dingmann (PIE) 13-5 285 Jack Byker (PIE) Fall Curtis Maegi (MOR) (Fall 1:42)

107 Evan Kraska (PIE) Won by Forfeit 114 Kyle Stangl (PIE) Fall Kathryn Marstein (PRIN) :46 121 Link Toops (PIE) Fall William Harvala (PRIN) 3:28 127 Levi Thompson (PRIN) Tech. Fall Hunter Przybilla (PIE) 5:48 133 Cash Fussy (PIE) Fall Brenden Marstein (PRIN) 2:40 139 Carter Young (PIE) Dec. Timothy Kohl (PRIN) 3-1 145 Isaac Thompsom (PRIN) Fall Connor Hennessy (PIE) :37 152 Chase Becker (PIE) Fall Carter Othoudt (PRIN) 3:04 160 Noah Ballweber (PRIN) Fall Brayden Melby (PIE) 2:45 172 Jayden Zajac (PIE) Dec. Dalton Vanderbeek (PRIN) 9-5 189 Bryce Haubenschild (PRIN) Dec. Caleb Koch (PIE) 4-3 215 Wyatt Dingmann (PIE) Fall Malich Moorhead (PRIN) 2:48 285 Kevin Boeke (PRI) Fall Jack Byker (PIE) 1:50 ALBANY HUSKIES No. 8AA 160 LBS Mason Plumski The. Huskies had five medal winners at the Minnewaska “Lakers” Invitational for 75 pts to earn seventh place. Mason Plumski (160) earned a championship medal and Owen Carlson (152) earned a second place medal. Connor Plumski (172) earned a third place medal, Bert Shulte (127) earned fourth place and Nathan Kollman (121) took sixth place. ALBANY TRI????? Check email

107 Kaysen Van Der Zwaag (MFC) Maj. Dec. Colton Carlson (ALB) 13-5 114 Robert Gerisch (MFC) Won by Forfeit 121 Nathan Kollmann (ALB) Fall Cole Hawker (MFC) 4:00 127 Lincoln Starr (MFC) Fall Bert Schulte (ALB) 2:00 133 Blake Iverson (ALB) Dec. Nolen Barke (MFC) 6-4 139 Rollie Steinbrecher (MFC) Dec. Dylan Hoffarth (ALB) 12-7 145 Gabe Olson (MFC) Won by Forfeit 152 Owen Carlson (ALBA) Won by Forfeit 160 Mason Plumski (ALBA) Fall Riley Larsen (MFC) 172 Connor Plumski (ALBA) Fall Tommy Smith (MFC) :03 189 Carson Ash (MFC) Fall Zach Gruber (ALB) 2:00 215 Jack Hanson (MFC) Won by Forfeit 285 Brewer Goebel (MFC) Won by Forfeit

No. 2AA 133 LBSVance Barz The Storm were defeated in a pair of duals at the HLWW “Lakers” triangular. They were defeated by HLWW 59-13 and by Kimball Area 38-26. Bryce Ness (114) and Vance Barz (133) both went 2-0. The Storm earned six medals for 96 points to earn fourth place at the Elk River “Elks” Invitational. Vance Barz (133) and Jack Barz (139) both earned championship medals, Bryce Ness (114) earned a third place medal, John Pesta (127) and Carter Koltes (215) both earned fourth place and Christian Nelson (172) earned fifth place.


No. 9AAA 172 LBS Jaxon Kenning No. 7AAA 189 LBS Sutton Kenning The Crush were defeated by a pair of Central Lakes Conference rivals at the Alexandria “Cardinal” Triangular. They were defeated by Alexandria 336-23 and Rocori 51-15. They were without two of their state ranked wrestlers for this triangular and the Kiffmeyer Duals. They were defeated by No. 7AA ranked Becker 44-19, AAA Lean and Mean Cambridge-Isanti 63-9 and AAA Lean and Mean New Prague 46-19. Tanner Hugg (160) went 3-0 and Kendall Booker (121) went 2-0. Special Note: Tanner Hugg (160) Won His 75th Career Match. Jaxon Kenning (172) Won his 150th Career Match at the Rogers Invitational two weeks ago.

107 Grady Doering (SCC) Maj. Dec. Shane Timm (ALEX) 10-2 114 Gil Andreas Rafols (SCC) Fall Riley Gulbranson (ALEX) 5:06 121 Nolan Fettig (ALEX) Dec. Jack Hamak (SCT) 6-0 127 Mason Mcgrane (ALEX) Fall Kendall Booker (SCC) 3:40 133 Mason Evjen (ALEX) Fall Mustafa Abshir (SCC) :39 139 Zachary Richards (ALEX) Fall Ethan Lunning (SCC) 2:00 145 Noah Neuman (SCC) Dec. Karl Franson (ALEX) 10-5 152 Landon Day (ALEX) Dec. Jaden Dombrovski (SCC) 7-4 160 Tanner Hugg (SCC) Fall Carter Athey (ALEX) 1:26 172 Gavin Engelbrecht (ALEX) Fall Ryan Moran (SCC) 1:48 189 Pablo Garcia (ALEX) Won by Forfeit 215 Batuo Teboh (SCT) Maj. Dec. Jaxon Werder (ALEX) 13-4 285 Luke Maanum (ALEX) Fall Noah Orth (SCC) :28


The Sabres defeated Section 8AAA rivals Buffalo 44-18. The Sabres earned eight medals at the Paynesville Area “Bulldogs” Invitational for 80 points to earned seventh place. Peyton Allen (215) and Jordan Gulden (285) both earned second place medals and Jayce Gruber (107) earned a third place medal. Barett Lablance (145), Tyler Freese (172) and Theo Brown (189) all earned fifth place. Jack Pesta (133) and Michael Hamak (160) both earned sixth place.

107 Jayce Gruber (SSS) Won by Forfeit 114 Gabe Roehl (BUF) Fall Chloe Wehry (SSS) 3:22 121 Gage Klasen (SSS) Fall Dylan Keeler (BUF) 2:47 127 Jack Pesta (SSS) Fall Josiah Crawford (BUF) 1:38 133 Jeremiah Miller (SSS) Won by Forfeit 139 Michael Kulu (SSS) Won by Forfeit 145 Maxwell Carter (BUF) Maj. Dec. Nathan Tangen (SSS) 16-5 152 Aiden Herbst (BUF) Fall Aidan Halvorson (SSS) 1:16 160 Michael Hamak (SSS) Dec. Charles Knese (BUF) 6-2 172 Jacobee Scherber (BUF) Fall Brandon Helde (SSS) 1:10 189 Theo Brown (SSS) Fall Lucas Potter (BUF) :49 215 Peyton Allen (SSS) Tech. Fall Marcus Kurth-Benson (BUF) 4:19 285 Ryan Babatz (BUF) Fall Jordan Gulden (SSS) 3:42


Tuesday January 16th

EDEN VALLEY-WATKINS “EAGLES” QUADRANGULAR (5:00) Teams: Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Le Sueur-Henderson, Osakis BRAINERD “WARRIORS” TRIANGULAR (5:00) Teams:

Thursday January 18th

HOLDINGFORD “HUSKERS” TRIANGULAR (5:00) Teams: Bertha-Hewitt/Verndale/PP, Wadena-Deer Creek, Holdingford

BECKER “BULLDOGS” TRIANGULAR (5:00) Teams: St. Francis, Chisago Lakes, Becker


BEMIDIJI “LUMBERJACKS” QUADRANGULAR (5:00) Teams: Sauk Rapids-Rice, Bemidji, Fergus Fall, Sauk Rapids-Rice

MILACA-FAITH CHRISTIAN “WOLVES” TRIANGULAR (5:00) Teams: Brainerd, Mora, Royalton, Milaca-Faith Christian

PAYNESVILLE AREA “BULLDOGS” QUADRANGULAR (5:00) Teams: B.O.L.D., Osakis, Quad County, Paynesville Area Friday January 19th

ELK RIVER “ELKS” QUADRANGULAR (5:00) Teams: Rocori Spartans, Becker,

HOLDINGFORD “HUSKERS” INVITATIONAL (5:00) Teams: St. Cloud Crush, Paynesville Area, Minneota, Monticello, Spectrum, Holdingford


NEW LONDON-SPICER “WILDCATS” INVITATIONAL Teams: Albany, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Eden Valley-Watkins, GlencoeSilver Lake, Kimball Area, Ortonville, Pipestone Area, Sartell

DASSEL COKATO/LITCH DUALS (5:00) Teams: Foley, Morris Area, New Ulm, DC/LITCH Saturday January 20th

HUTCHINSON “TIGERS” INVITATIONAL (10:00) Teams: Becker, Amery, Wis., Anoka, MAHACA, Marshall, Superior. Wis. Waseca, Watertown-Mayer, Willmar

CAMBRIDGE-ISANTI “BLUE JACKETS” INVITATIONAL (9:00) Teams: Cambridge-Isanti, Andover, Forest Lake, Minneapolis South, Mounds View

EASTVIEW “LIGHTING” INVITATIONAL (10:00) Teams: Austin,Coon Rapids,Faribault,Farmington, Little Falls, Rosemount, Roseville, Sauk Rapids-Rice,Scott West,Two Rivers, Wayzata, Winona, Woodbury

HOWARD LAKE/WAVERLY/WINSTED “LAKERS” INVITATIONAL (9:30) Teams: Annandale/Maple Lake, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa, Big Lake, BOLD, Buffalo, Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg, Minneapolis Edison, Minneapolis Southwest, Minneota, Mound Westonka, Mounds View,Saint Thomas Academy, Spectrum, Washburn


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