Lest we ever forget the brave battle fought by The Beastie Boys, whose brave battles were the key to saving our right to party.

The British are taking the above line a little too literally.

A survey by NET Coverage Solutions (c'mon, nets don't cover that much, have they never seen fishnet stockings?) sought what basic human 'rights' they think they deserve. The right to party was #30 on that list.

The 'right' to a job for life was at #21.

The 'right' to not pay tax was at #28. Do they even realize what taxes go towards?

"Thanks, peasants!" (Getty Images)

The top ten was, fortunately, not so outrageous.


1. Access to water
2. A fair trial
3. Freedom of speech
4. Access to free healthcare
5. Access to shelter
6. To be able to marry whoever you want
7. To be loved
8. A pension
9. A seat on a train
10. Free Wi-Fi

It slips downhill from there, like the right to not be judged for eating meat (#15), the right to eat whatever you want without gaining weight (#25), and free suntan lotion on sunny days (#29).

What do YOU think we have a 'right' to? Answer below!


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