The Crush earned six medals at the Foley “Tom Keating” Invitational for 55.5 points for eighth place. Jack Hamak (121), Noah Neuman (145) and Tanner Hugg (160) all earned third place medals. Kendall Booker (121) earned fourth place and Grady Doering (107) and Jaden Dombrovski (152) both took sixth place. Special Note; Kendal Booker Won his 50th Career Match.

The Sabres went 2-1 at the Spectrum “Sting” quadrangular. they defeated Spectrum 54-19 and Bloomington Kennedy 64-6. They were defeated by Mora in a close dual 39-35. Jayce Gruber (107), Adam Halvorson (152), Michael Hamak (160) and Jordan Gulden (285) all went 3-0. Chloe Wehry (114), Gage Klasen (121), Jack Pesta (127), Logan Stang (145), Brandon Helde (172), Theo Brown (189) and Peyton Allen (215) all went 2-1. The Sabres eight eight medals at the Mora “Mustangs” Invitational for 86 points and sixth place. Theo Brown (189) earned a second place medal and Payton Allen (215) earned a third place medal. Michael Kala (139) earned fourth place, Jayce Gruber (107), Michael Hamak (160) and Jordan Gulden all earned fifth place and Logan Stang (145) and Aidan Halvorson (152) both took sixth place.

107 Jayce Gruber (SSS) Fall JADA JENSEN (BLK) 1:43 114 Chloe Wehry (SSS) Maj. Dec. Stephanie Carrillo Duran (BLK) 10-2 121 Gage Klasen (SSS) Fall Torque Carlson (BLK) 5:39 127 Jack Pesta (SSS) Fall Ruben Java Lara (BLK) :42 133 Jeremiah Miller (SSS) Won by Forfeit 139 Vincent Sheild-Gore (BLK) Fall Michael Kulu (SSS) 3:14 145 Logan Stang (SSS) Fall Sterling Calhoun (BLK) 2:51 152 Aidan Halvorson (SSS) Fall Philip Phan (BLK) 3:47 160 Michael Hamak (SSS) Fall FRAZIER ASSEFA (BLK) 1:04 172 Brandon Helde (SSS) Dec. Tommaso Costantini (BLK) 8-3 189 Theo Brown (SSS) Fall Ja`Shaun Bostic (BLK) :29 215 Peyton Allen (SSS) Fall Anthony Kugmeh (BLK) 3:18 285 Jordan Gulden (SSS) Dec. William Storm (BLK) 5-0

107 Jayce Gruber (SSS) Fall Kyce Villarreal (SPEC) 3:09 114 Cooper Reemts (SPEC) Maj. Dec. Chloe Wehry (SSS) 14-1 121 Andre Ringwelski (SPEC) Fall Gage Klasen (SSS) 3:05 127 Jack Pesta (SSS) Fall Drew Anderley (SPEC) 1:05 133 Elijah Chickering (SPEC) Fall Jeremiah Miller (SSS) 1:59 139 Michael Kulu (SSS) Fall Collin Solvedt (SPEC) :50 145 Aiden Sund (SPEC) Dec. Logan Stang (SSS) 13-9 152 Aidan Halvorson (SSS) Fall Mason Farniok (SPEC) :32 160 Michael Hamak (SSS) Fall Orion Grimm (SPEC) 2:47 172 Brandon Helde (SSS) Won by Forfeit 189 Theo Brown (SSS) Fall Nate Jorgenson (SPEC) 4:14 215 Peyton Allen (SSS) Fall Joe Hanson (SPEC) 1:34 285 Jordan Gulden (SSS) Fall Henry Christopherson (SPEC) 1:14

107 Jayce Gruber (SSS) Fall Carter Hill (MORA) 1:58 114 Chloe Wehry (SSS) Fall Braydin Eakmen (MORA) :51 121 Gage Klasen (SSS) Won by Forfeit 127 Mason Nelson (MORA) Fall Jack Pesta (SSS) :41 133 Stratton Nelson (MORA) Fall Jeremiah Miller (SSS) 2:24 139 Nathan Nelson (MORA) Fall Michael Kulu (SSS) 1:39 145 Brock Folkema (MORA) Fall Logan Stang (SSS) :37 152 Aidan Halvorson (SSS) Tech. Fall Cooper Sjodin (MORA) 3:09 160 Michael Hamak (SSS) Fall Carter Gmahl Jr (MORA) 5:00 172 Jared Yates (MORA) Fall Brandon Helde (SSS) 4:53 189 Willy McCallum (MORA) Dec. Theo Brown (SSS) 2-0 215 Brock Peterson (MORA) Fall Peyton Allen (SSS) :35 285: Jordan Gulden (SSS) Fall Curtis Maegi (MORA) 3:01



The Jaguars had a very good team performance with fifteen medal winners to earn the championship at the Jaguar Invitational with 261.5 points. Noah Welte (114), Ryan Jensen (139), Tanner Viessman (145), Brett DeRoo (152), Maximus Hanson (172), Carson Gilbert (215) and Harley Weber (285) all earned championship medals. Noah Jensen (107), Aiden Mueller (121), Ethan Mueller (160) and Louie Tensen (133) all earned second place medals. Jace Mueller (127) and Hunter Laage (189) both earned third place medals.


The Huskers won a pair of duals in impressive fashion at the Royalton-Upsala “Royals” Triangular. They defeated No. 6A ranked Royalton-Upsala and Section 7A rivals 40-6 and AAA Lean and Mean Brainerd 43-19. Wyatt Pilarski (121), Wyatt Novitzki (127), Masyn Patrick (139), Simon Boeckman (152), Luke Bieniek (160), Drew Lange (172) and Jaxon Bartkowicz (215) all went 2-0. The Huskers defeated three foes at the Osakis “Silverstreaks” Duals to earned the championship. They defeated No. 11AA PLPRB 45-15, Class A Lean and Mean KMS 47-19 and Canby 41-17. Casey Knettel (107), Wyatt Pilarski (121), Masyn Patrick (139), William Pilarski (145), Kolton Harren (172/189), Drew Lange (172/189) and Jaxon Bartkowicz (215) all went 3-0. Lane Patrick (113) and Simon Boeckman (152) both went. 2-1 and Luke Bieniek (160) went 2-0.

107 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Dec. Andrew Hayes (R/U) 2-0 OT 113 Marcus Hayes (R/U) Dec. Lane Patrick (HOLD) 8-5 121 Tony Welle (HOLD) Won by Forfeit 127 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Spencer Novitzki (R/U) 12-4 133 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Dec. John Bzdok (R/U) 8-2 139 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Dec. Lane Olson (R/U) 5-3 145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Parker Dietman (R/U) 9-0 152 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Dec. Sawyer Simmons (R/U) 7-5 OT 160 Luke Bieniek (HOLD Maj. Dec. Bryce Binek (R/U) 11-2 172 Kolton Harren (HOLD) Dec. Nick Leibold (R/U) 5-1 189 Drew Lange (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Jake Leners (R/U) 14-6 215 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Dec. Kaden Holm (R/U) 5-0 285 Brandon Mugg (R/U) Dec. Toby Phillipp (HOLD) 6-1

107 Crew Dahlheimer (BRD) Dec. Casey Knettel (HOLD) 6-2 113 Lane Patrick (HOLD) Fall Ben Rodriguez (BRD) :44 121 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Dec. Jackson Berhow (BRD) 6-3 127 Nolan Jukish (BR) Fall Noah Perowitz (HOLD) 3:18 133 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Dec. Cade Ostrowski (BRD) 8-3 139 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Fall Jackson Loreno (BRD) 1:32 145 Easton Dircks (BRD) Maj. Dec. William Pilarski (HOLD) 10-1 152 Simon Beckmann (HOLD) Fall Elijah Germann (BRD 1:50 160 Luke Bieniek (HOLD) Fall Gabe Jukish (BRD) 2:00 172 Drew Lange (HOLD) Fall Tyce Faber (BRD) 1:20 189 Shane Carlson (BRD) Maj. Dec. Kolton Harren (HOLD) 13-5 215 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Fall Ethan Kosloski (BRD) 2;48 285 Carson Faehnrich (BRD) Dec. Toby Phillipp (HOLD) 7-3

107 Casey Knettel (HOLD) over Oswaldo Moreno (KMS) (Fall 5:33) 114 Colton Noble (KMS) over Lane Patrick (HOLD) (Fall 2:29) 121 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) over Cole Froehlich (KMS) (TF 17-1 5:27) 127 Noah Perowitz (HOLD) over Zachary VanHeuveln (KMS) (TF 17-1 5:14) 133 Trey Gunderson (KMS) over Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) (MD 12-4) 139 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) over Shane Froehlich (KMS) (TF 19-3 3:11) 145 William Pilarski (HOLD) over (KMS) (For.) 152 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) over Taytan Nielsen (KMS) (Dec 8-2) 160 Jett Olson (KMS) over Grant Welle (HOLD) (Fall 5:02) 172 Kolton Harren (HOLD) over Jake Holtcamp (KMS) (TF 15-0 4:46) 189 Drew Lange (HOLD) over Aaron Jones (KMS) (Fall 1:00) 215 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) over (KMS) (For.) 285 Owen Kidrowski (KMS) over Toby Welle (HOLD) (Dec 3-0)

107 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Fall Tucker Johnson (PLPR) 1:53 114 Lane Patrick (HOLD) Dec. Bryce Mick (PLPR) 6-2 121 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Trevor Holmberg (PLPR) 3:23 127 Parker Zutter (PLPR) Dec. Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) 4-2 133 Tayten Mick (PLPR) Fall Noah Perowitz (HOLD) 5:20 139 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Dec. Sean Kilpatrick (PLPR) 5-0 145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Shaunn Reyes (PLPR) 3:09 152 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Dec. Brady Ruhl (PLPR) 6-3 160 Luke Bieniek (HOLD) Dec. Chance Abraham (PLPR) 4-2 172 Drew Lange (HOLD) Fall James Cummings (PLPR) 1:16 189 Kolton Harren (HOLD) Dec. Payton Scott (PLPR) 5-4 215 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Fall Paxton Goddard (PLPR) 1:09 285 Riley Peters (PLPR) Won by Forfeit

107 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Fall Oswaldo Moreno (KMS) 5:33 114 Colton Noble (KMS) Fall Lane Patrick (HOLD) 2:29 121 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Tech. Fall Cole Froehlich (KMS) 5:27 127 Noah Perowitz (HOLD) Tech. Fall Zachary VanHeuveln (KMS) 5:14 133 Trey Gunderson (KMS) Maj. Dec. Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) 12-4 139 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Tech. Fall Shane Froehlich (KMS) 3:11 145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Won by Forfeit 152 Simon Boeckman (HOLD) Dec. Taytan Nielsen (KMS) 8-2 160 Jett Olson (KMS) Fall Grant Welle (HOLD) 5:02 172 Kolton Harren (HOLD) Tech. Fall Jake Holtcamp (KMS) 4:46 189 Drew Lange (HOLD) Fall Aaron Jones (KMS) 1:00 215 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Won by Forfeit 285 Owen Kidrowski (KMS) Dec. Toby Welle (HOLD) 3-0

107 Casey Knettel (HOLD) Dec. Cash Antony (CAN) 6-1 114 Lane Patrick (HOLD) Fall Ty Rangaard (CAN) 1:05 121 Eli Greenman (CAN) Maj. Dec. Toby Welle (HOLD) 12-1 127 Wyatt Pilarski (HOLD) Fall Issac Guzman (CAN) 5:37 133 Wyatt Novitzki (HOLD) Tech. Fall Brennan Giese (CAN) 16-1 0:00 139 Masyn Patrick (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Tallen Merritt (CAN) 9-1 145 William Pilarski (HOLD) Dec. Blake Giese (CAN) 2-0 152 Sam Drietz (CAN) Dec. Simon Boeckman (HOLD) 4-0 160 Luke Bieniek (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Brodyrck Gravdal (CAN) 10-2 172 Kolton Harren (HOLD) Maj. Dec. Sawyer Verhelst (CAN) 9-0 189 Nick Wagner (CAN) Maj. Dec. Mason Lichy (HOLD) 13-4 215 Jaxon Bartkowicz (HOLD) Won by Forfeit 285 Gavin Noyes (CAN) Fall Toby Phillipp (HOLD) 2:17


The Royals split their duals at their home triangular, they were defeated by the No. 4A ranked and Section 7A rivals Holdingford 40-6 and they defeated AAA Lean and Mean Brainerd 36-22. Marcus Hayes (114) and Brandon Mugg (285) both went 2-0. The Royals had a good team performance with nine medals winners to earn third place with 149.5 points at the Foley “Tom Keating” Invitational. Sawyer Simmons (152) earned a championship medal, Marcus Hayes (114) and John Bzdok (133) both earned second place medals. Nicholas Leibold (172) and Brandon Mugg (285) both earned third place medals. Andrew Hayes (107), Jake Leners (189) and Kaden Holm (215) all earned fourth place and Lane Olson (139) earned fifth place.

107 Crew Dahlheimer (BRD) Fall Andrew Hayes (R/U) 1:27 113 Marcus Hayes (R/U) Dec.Ben Rodriguez (BRD) 8-3 121 Jackson Berhow (BRD) Won by Forfeit 127 Spencer Novitzki (R/U) Dec. Nolan Jukish (BRD) 8-3 133 John Bzdok (R/U) Fall Cade Ostrowski (BRD) 1:33 139 Lane Olson (R/U) Dec. Jackson Loreno (BRD) 5-0 145 Parker Dietman (R/U) Fall Carson Mankowski (BRD) 4:20 152 Easton Dirks (BRD) Maj. Dec. Brady Yourczek (R/U) 13-4 160 Sawyer Simmons (R/U) Dec. Elijah Germann (BRD) 12-6 172 Nicholas Leibold (R/U) Dec. Gabe Jukish (BRD) 8-5 189 Shane Carlson (BRD) Fall Jake Leners (R/U) 5:57 215 Kaden Holm (R/U) Dec. Ethan Kosloski (BRD) 4-0 285 Brandon Mugg (R/U) Fall Carson Faehnrich (BRD) 1:35

The Bulldogs defeated a pair of foes at the Zimmerman “Thunder” triangular. They defeated a pair of AA foes, Zimmerman 42-23 and PCHF 42-26. Preston Welling (139), Mitch Blonigan (145), Brandon Hess (152), Dan Flint (152), Peyton Hemmesch (189) and Seth Vearrier (215) all went 2-0. The Bulldogs earned twelve medals for 141.5 points to earn second place at the Class A Lean and Mean Norwood Young America “Raiders” invitational. Preston Welling (139) and Peyton Hemmesch (189) both earned championship medals. Roman Roberg (114) and Kevin Raya Botello (285) both earned second place medals. Mitchel Blonigan (145), Brandon Hess (152), Grant Wendlandt (160) and Seth Vearrier (215) all earned third place medals. Jamison Meagher (107) and Grant Miller (285) both earned fourth place, Sam Flint (152) earned fifth place and Sam Brick (215) took sixth place.

107 Matthew Mead (PCHF) Fall Nolan Roberg (PAY) 114 Roman McKinney (PCHF) Dec. Carson Suchy (PAY) 8-1 121 Braxton Peetz (PCHF) Tech. Fall Alex Weber (PAY) 15-0 127 Anthony Thomas (PCHF) Dec. Isaac Mergen (PAY) 7-5 133 Nicholas Utsch (PAY) Won by Forfeit 139 Preston Welling (PAY) Fall Ryan Goulet (PCHF) 145 Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) Fall Nicholas Blaiser (PCHF) 152 Brandon Hess (PAY) Won by Forfeit 160 Daniel Flint (PAY) Won by Forfeit 172 Jace Preston (PCHF) Dec. Grant Wendlandt (PAY) 9-2 189 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Fall Trevor Hazelton (PCHF) 215 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Fall Logan Kolecki (PCHF) 285 Leonardo LeTourneau (PCHF) Fall Grant Miller (PAY)

107 Gabe Swenson (ZIM) Maj. Dec. Nolan Roberg (PAY) 12-0 114 Dylan Doherty (ZIM) Maj. Dec. Carson Suchy (PAY) 9-1 121 Zander Spitzmueller (ZIM) Dec. Alex Weber (PAY) 10-7 127 Beau Dipprey (ZIM) Fall Isaac Mergen (PAY) 133 Christopher Belair (ZIM) Dec. Nicholas Utsch (PAY) 5-0 139 Preston Welling (PAY) Fall Josiah Johnson (ZIM) 145 Mitchell Blonigen (PAY) Fall Cole Campbell (ZIM) 152 Brandon Hess (PAY) Fall Kade Wilkins (ZIM) 160 Grant Wendlandt (PAY) Fall Nolan Wegner (ZIM) 172 Daniel Flint (PAY) Fall Dalton Bryner (ZIM) 189 Peyton Hemmesch (PAY) Fall Conner Klinkhammer (ZIM) 215 Seth Vearrier (PAY) Won by Forfeit 285 Bryce Nordlund (ZIM) Dec. Grant Miller (PAY) 2-0 OT


The Eagles earned ten medals for 125.5 points to earn fourth place at the Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa “Jaguars” invitational. Brayden Kramer (133) earned a championship medal, John Weiss (114) earned a second place medal and Brody Sieben (107), Carter Scheeler (160), Sonnie DeHeer (215) and Nick Becker (285) all earned third place medals. Ricky Vaquera Valencia (127) and Treyce Ludwig (189) both earned fourth place medals. Ryder Schmidt (145) earned fifth place and Tom Thompson (172) earned sixth place.


I am very sorry for my mistake last week, The Cubs did beat Section 4A rivals Trinity at River Ridge. The Cubs were defeated by KMS 59-11, Canby 49-16 and PLPRB 60-4 at the Osakis ‘Silverstreaks” Duals. William Serbus and Mark Schieflebein both went 2-1.


The Bulldogs defeated a pair of rivals at the Cambridge-Isanti ‘Blue Jackets’ Triangular. They defeated section 6AA foe Princeton 37-22 and AAA CambridgeIsanti 39-22. Boston Kuschel (106), Bennett Kujawa (114), Kaden Nicolas (139), Drew May (145), Landen Kujawa (152), and Owen Angell (172) all went 2-0. The Bulldogs went 4-1 at the Eden Prairie “Eagles” Duals. The Bulldogs defeated No. 8AAA Anoka 39-21, AAA Blaine 61-10 and No. 10AAA Willmar 32-29 and Lees Summit from Missouri 46-21. Kaden Nicolas (139), Landen Kujawa (152) and Bennett Kujawa (114) all went 5-0. Boston Kuschel (106), Drew May (145), Logan Jarvis (189) all went 4-1, Tyler Hall (127) went 3-2, Owen Angell (172) went 2-2, Aiden Golley (215) went 2-1 and Jacob Williams went 2-0.

107 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Fall Brady Huntley (CBI) 4:00 114 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Dec. Wyatt Wald (CBI) 1-0 121 Blayne Kuschel (BEC) Dec. Grady Jennissen (CBI) 7-1 127 Jackson Fischer (BEC) Maj. Dec. Ben Westover (CBI) 16-5 133 Leo Edblad (CBI) Fall Tyler Hall (BEC) 4:50 139 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Fall Reshard Cronemiller (CBI) 1:22 145 Drew May (BEC) Fall Brock Brown (CBI) 4:48 152 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Tech. Fall Maverick Henderson (CBI) 5:18 160 Quinton Harcey (CBI) Maj. Dec. Gavin Ratz (BEC) 12-3 172 Owen Angell (BEC) Fall Griffin Kostecka (CBI) 1:03 189 Jacob Henderson (CBI) Dec. Logan Jarvis (BEC) 7-4 215 Shawn Henderson (CBI) Dec. Aiden Golley (BEC) 4-3 285 Brady Andersen (CBI) Won by Forfeit

107 Jacob Williams (BEC) Won by Forfeit 114 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Won by Forfeit 121 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Fall William Harvala (PRI) 3:30 127 Levi Thompson (PRI) Fall Gavin Ratz (BEC) 1:29 133 Timothy Kohl (PRI) Dec. Jackson Fischer (BEC) 5-2 139 Tyler Hall (BEC) Maj. Dec. Brenden Marstein (PRI) 14-3 145 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Tech. Fall Isaac Thompsom (PRI) 18-3 152 Drew May (BEC) Maj. Dec. Carter Othoudt (PRI) 12-3 160 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Dec. Noah Ballweber (PRI) 14-11 172 Angell Angell (BEC) Dec. Dalton Vanderbeek (PRI) 7-3 189 Bryce Haubenschild (PRI) Dec. Logan Jarvis (BEC) 5-4 215 Malich Moorhead (PRI) Maj. Dec. Aiden Golley (BEC) 15-3 285 Kevin Boeke (PRI) Won by Forfeit

107 Jacob Williams (BEC) Fall Trey Tallman (WIL) 1:31 114 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Fall Logan Fagerlie (WIL) :42 121 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Fall Wyatt Cruze (WIL) :47 127 Ivan Mares (WIL) Dec. Tyler Hall (BEC) 7-1 133 Cavin Carlson (WIL) Fall Jackson Fischer (BEC) 2:33 139 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Fall Caleb Cruze (WIL) 4:57 145 Sulley Anez (WILL) Dec. Drew May (BEC) 8-6 152 Conlan Carlson (WILL) Tech. Fall Jake Rosenow (BEC) 4:48 160 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Dec. Cameren Champagne (WIL) 5-2 172 Steven Cruze (WILL) Dec. Owen Angell (BEC) 6-2 189 Logan Jarvis (BEC) Fall Sky Hansen (WIL) 1:04 215 Ramero Trevino (WILL) Dec. Aiden Golley (BEC) 7-2 285 Daunte Castellano (WILL) Won by Forfeit

107 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Tech. Fall Finnegan Bromenschenkel (ANK) TF 16-0 114 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Fall Gabrielle Bragg (ANK) 1:17 121 Owen Rhode (ANK) Dec. Blayne Kuschel (BEC) 5-3 127 Tyler Hall (BEC) Fall Brock Bottineau (ANK) 2:49 133 Jackson Fischer (BEC) Dec. Connor Smith (ANK) 9-2 139 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Tech. Fall Cayden Ban (ANK) 17-2 145 Drew May (BEC) Dec. Garrett Wittek (ANK) 6-5 152 Austin West (ANK) Maj. Dec. Jake Rosenow (BEC) 11-1 160 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Tech. Fall Oliver Ollman (ANK) 16-1 172 Owen Angell (BEC) Fall Wyatt Rothrum (ANK) 2:29 189 Luke DeChene (ANK) Dec. Logan Jarvis (BEC) 3-1 215 Max Berglund (ANK) Fall Gus Baldry (BEC) 3:09 285 Michael Chamberlain (ANK) Won by Forfeit Anoka’s team score was adjusted by -1.0 for Unsportsmanlike Conduct

107 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Fall Trae Flowers (LS) :54 114 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Fall Gabe Hawkins (LS) :10 121 Luke Nally (LS) Dec. Andrew Fischer (BEC) 5-0 127 Tyler Hall (BEC) Fall Austin Cornett (LS) :52 133 Cooper Nally (LS) Fall Jackson Fischer (BEC) :53 139 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Fall Gabe Hegarty (LS) 3:24 145 Drew May (BEC) Fall Fisher Thomas (LS) 3:02 152 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Maj. Dec. Michael Foley (LS) 12-2 160 Jackson Jones (LS) Fall Jake Rosenow (BEC) 2:48 172 Logan Jarvis (BEC) Dec. Roan McCarthy (LS) 6-3 189 Owen Angell (BEC) Fall Michael Held (LS) :14 215 Aiden Golley (BEC) Dec. Gunner Albin (LS) Dec 3-1 285 Hayden Hinkle (LS) Won by Forfeit

107 Ethan Strack (SW) Dec. Boston Kuschel (BEC) 5-1 114 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Fall Domenek Williams (SW) 3:06 121 Caleb Tracy (SW) Fall Blayne Kuschel (BEC) 1:48 127 Allen Krenik (Dec.) Dec. Tyler Hall (BEC) Dec 6-4 133 Cam Tousignant (SW) Maj. Dec. Jackson Fischer (BEC) 9-0 139 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Fall Jonah Harding (SW) 1:32 145 Drew May (BEC) Fall Mason Breeggemann (SW) 2:32 152 Matt Randolph (SW) Fall Jake Rosenow (BEC) 2:56 160 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Dec. Ethan Dvorak (SW) 8-3 172 Logan Jarvis (BEC) Dec. Daniel Callahan (SW) 5-1 189 Dylan Thomas (SW) Maj. Dec. Owen Angell (BEC) 8-0 215 Tristan Holbrook (SW) Fall Gus Baldry (BEC) :59 285 Carson Schoenbauer (SW) Won by Forfeit

107 Jacob Williams (BEC) Dec. Owen Kuehl (BL) 6-1 114 Boston Kuschel (BEC) Tech. Fall Pierce Wegleitner (BL)16-0 121 Bennett Kujawa (BEC) Won by Forfeit 127 Tyler Hall (BEC) Fall Maxwell Braddy (BL) 4:57 133 Landen Lorch (BL) Maj. Dec. Jackson Fischer (BEC) 13-3 139 Kaden Nicolas (BEC) Tech. Fall Zackary Johnson (BL) 26-11 145 Drew May (BEC) Won by Forfeit 152 Jake Rosenow (BEC) Fall Thuhlfekar Alassedy (BL) 2:35 160 Landen Kujawa (BEC) Fall Aaron Sharp (BL) :47 172 Logan Jarvis (BEC) Fall Ethan Carr (BL) 1:52 189 Gus Baldry (BEC) Fall Sullivan Barott (BL) 1:33 215 Aiden Golley (BEC) Fall Lucas Godfrey (BL) 2:48 285 Tenzing Sonam (BL) Won by Forfeit


No Events, tri at Alexandria with St. Cloud Crush rescheduled to Thursday 11th LITTLE FALLS FLYERS Little Falls Area hosted a dual meet with Milaca and won by a score of 52-9. Little Falls Area improves to 9-2 on the season and 5-0 in the Granite Ridge Conference. Seth Ramsdell (106), Cayden Neisen (121), Joey Wilczek (139),Beau Robinson (160), Hank LeClair (189), Ivan Petrich (215) and Hayden Ramsdell (127) all went 2-0 at the Pierz triangular.

107 Seth Ramsdell (LF) Dec. Evan Kraska (PIE) 4-3 114 Gauge Johnson (PIE) Fall Lucas Schleif (LF) 1:19 121 Cayden Neisen (LF) Dec. Kyle Stangl (PIE) 7-2 127 Hayden Ramsdell (LF) Maj. Dec. Link Toops (PIE) 10-2 133 Carter Young (PIE) Dec. Mason Rausch (LF) 3-2 139 Joey Wilczek (LF) Fall Cash Fussy (PIE) 5:31 145 Noah Cameron (LF) Fall Connor Hennessy (PIE) :48 152 Chase Becker (PIE) Fall Kobi Cameron (LF) 3:06 160 Beau Robinson (LF) Dec. Brayden Melby (PIE) 5-3 172 Jayden Zajac (PIE) Maj. Dec. Hunter Ramsdell (LF) 19-6 189 Hank LeClair (LF) Maj. Dec. Bradly Tanner (PIE) 14-3 215 Ivan Petrich (LF) Fall Wyatt Dingmann (PIE) :33 285 Caleb Koch (PIE) Fall Alexander Schmitz (LF) 2:34

LITTLE FALLS 72 C-E-C Lumberjacks 6
107 Seth Ramsdell (LF) Won by Forfeit 114 Aiden Thiesen (CEC) Fall Lucas Schleif (LF) 1:06 121 Cayden Neisen (LF) Won by Forfeit 127 Hayden Ramsdell (LF) Won by Forfeit 133 Mason Rausch (LF) Won by Forfeit 139 Joey Wilczek (LF) Fall Brendan Malloy (CEC) 3:10 145 Abe Anez (LF) Fall Fabian Guerrero (CEC) 3:43 152 Kobi Cameron (LF) Won by Forfeit 160 Beau Robinson (LF) Won by Forfeit 172 Hunter Ramsdell (LF) Won by Forfeit 189 Hank LeClair (LF) Fall Carter Horvat (CEC) 1:19 215 Ivan Petrich (LF) Fall Damion Newcomb (CEC) :15 285 Alexander Schmitz (LF) Won by Forfeit

107 Seth Ramsdell (LF) Dec. Kaysen Van Der Zwaag (MFC) 14-8 114 Ryan Vogt (LF) Dec. Robert Gerisch (MFC) 4-3 121 Cayden Neisen (LF) Won by Forfeit 127 Lincoln Starr (MFC) Fall Hayden Ramsdell (LF) 5:21 133 Mason Rausch (LF) Fall Nolen Barke (MFC) 1:11 139 Joey Wilczek (LF) Tech. Fall Rollie Steinbrecher (MFC) 5:10 145 Noah Cameron (LF) Tech. Fall Gabe Olson (MFC) 4:36 152 Kobi Cameron (LF) Won by Forfeit 160 Beau Robinson (LF) Won by Forfeit 172 Hunter Ramsdell (LF) Fall Tommy Smith (MFC) 1:59 189 Hank LeClair (LF) Dec. Carson Ash (MFC) 3-1 215 Ivan Petrich (LF) Dec. Jack Hanson (MFC) 8-4 285 Sawyer Schendel (MFC) Dec. Alexander Schmitz (LF) 2-0


The Falcons earned eleven medals for 146 points to earn fourth place at the Foley “Tom Keating” Invitational. Wyatt Wall (133) and Alex Jennissen (172) both earned championships. Cyler Ruhoff (121) and William Gutormson (160) both earned second and Josiah Peterson (215) earned third place. Noah Brunn (145) earned fourth place, John Drexler (107) and Keagon Frisbie (189) both earned fifth place, Cayden Hansmeier (127), Tyler Wilhelmi (139) and Hunter Wilhelmi (145) all took sixth place.


The Pioneers split their duals at their home triangular, they defeated Section 7AA foe CEC 66-3. They were defeated by No. 10AA, Granite Conference and Section 7AA rivals Little Falls 35-25. Gauge Johnson (121), Carter Young (133), Chase Becker (152), Jayden Zajac (172) and Caleb Koch (215) all went 2-0. PIERZ 66 C-E-C LUMBERJACKS 3 107 Evan Kraska (PIE) Won by Forfeit 114 Kyle Stangl (PIE) Dec. Aiden Thiesen (CEC) 4-2 121 Gauge Johnson (PIE) Won by Forfeit 127 Link Toops (PIE) Won by Forfeit 133 Carter Young (PIE) Won by Forfeit 139 Cash Fussy (PIE) Dec. Brendan Malloy (CEC) 8-2 145 Connor Hennessy (PIE) Fall Fabian Guerrero (CEC) 2:57 152 Chase Becker (PIE) Won by Forfeit 160 Brayden Melby (PIE) Won by Forfeit 172 Jayden Zajac (PIE) Won by Forfeit 189 Carter Horvat (CEC) Dec. Bradly Tanner (PIER) 3-1 215 Caleb Koch (PIE) Fall Damion Newcomb (CEC) 1:28 285 Wyatt Dingmann (PIE) Won by Forfeit


The Huskies earned fourth place with 117 points and eight medal winners at the Mora “Mustangs” Invitational. Owen Carlson (152) and Mason Plumski (160) both earned championship medals. Connor Plumski (172) earned second place and Nathan Kollmann (121), Dylan Hoffarth (139) and Zach Gruber (189) all earned third place medals. Maverick Kotschevar (172) earned fifth place and Ben Schulte (127) took sixth place.


The Storm earned four medals at the Foley “Tom Keating” Invitational, Jack Barz (139) earned a third place medal, Bryce Ness (114) earned fourth place, Carter Ness (127) and Christian Nelson (172) both earned fifth place.



PIERZ PIONEERS vs. MORA MUSTANGS (6:00) ACGC “FALCONS” TRIANGULAR (5:00) Teams: Eden Valley-Watkins, DC/LITCH, ROCKFORD, ACGC BBE “JAGUARS” TRIANGULAR (5:00) Teams: Benson, KMS, BBE BHV/PP “RAIDERS” TRIANGULAR (5:00) @ Verndale Teams: BHV/PP, Aitkin, Foley


FOLEY “FALCONS” TRIANGULAR (5:00) Teams: Becker, Mora, Foley ALBANY “HUSKIES” TRIANGULAR (5:00) Teams: Milaca-Faith Christian, PLPRB, Albany LPGE/BR “THUNDER” TRIANGULAR (5:00) Teams: Deer River, Royalton-Upsala/LPGE/BR ALEXANDRIA “CARDINALS” TRIAGNULAR (5:00) Teams: Rocori, St. Cloud Crush, Alexandria


ST. CLOUD DUAL (6:00) PAYNESVILLE AREA “BULLDOGS” INVITATIONAL (2:00) Teams: Delano, Eden Valley-Watkins, Melrose/Sauk Centre, Milaca, Nashwauk-Keewatin, Ortonville, Red Rock Central, Rocori, Sartell, Wabasso MINNEWASKA “LAKERS” INVITATIONAL (4:00) Teams: Albany, Badger/Greenbush/Middle River, Canby, Crookston, Little Falls, Minnewaska Area, Monticello, Annandale/Maple Lake,Morris Area, Scott West HLWW “LAKERS” TRIANGULAR (5:00) Teams: KIMBALL AREA, SAUK RAPIDS-RICE, HLW


ST. CLOUD “KIFFMEYER” DUALS (9:00) Teams: St. Cloud Crush, Becker, Cambridge-Isanti, Willmar, New Prague, Shakopee ALEXANDRIA “CARDINALS” INVITATIONAL (9:00) Teams: Annandale/Maple Lake.Badger/Greenbush/Middle River, Barnesville, Hutchinson, KMS, Minneota, New York Mills, Royalton, WalkerHackensack-Akeley ELK RIVER “ELKS” INVITATIONAL (9:00) Teams: Andover, Champlin Park, Eagan, Hibbing, Minneapolis Washburn, Osseo, Prior Lake, Proctor,Sauk Rapids-Rice Friday/Saturday BEMIDJI “RICK LEE” DUALS (TBA) Teams: Blackduck/Cass Lake-Bena, Brainerd, Frazee, Holdingford, L.P.G.E/Bowerville, Mille Lacs Raiders, Ottertail Central, Pierz, StaplesMotley, Thief River Falls, Tracy-Milroy-Balaton, UNC


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