The American Red Cross is reporting critical blood shortages in Minnesota and across the country. Donations traditionally drop during the summer, but we are currently using blood faster than we are replacing it.

For most if us there is absolutely no reason not to donate blood on a regular basis (every 52 days). There is nothing easier too do to give the gift of life to those in need.

I have been donating blood since I was old enough to do it (17 years old) when my dad and I used to have regular blood donation dates.

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I have also been the beneficiary of receiving blood during a number of surgeries over the years, so thank you to everyone who has ever donated. I might not be here if you didn't.

My challenge for you: If you have never give blood, try it once. If you feel crappy after your donation, don't do it again. If you feel fine (like most people), or if you've given before and had no ill effects -- join me in rolling up your sleeve and fixing this shortage RFN (right #@c&I%g now).

All types of blood donations are needed, but there is an especially high demand for type O donors (universal donors) and those willing to give platelets. Type O donors give blood that can be used by all other blood types.

Here Are a Few Drives Coming Soon

The good news is that many of these time slots are filling up with donors, but your help is still crucial to fixing this shortage. Check HERE for available openings.

  • THU 7/1: St. Cloud Blood Donation Center
  • SAT 7/3: St. Cloud Blood Donation Center
  • SUN 7/4: St. Cloud Blood Donation Center
  • MON 7/5: St. Cloud Blood Donation Center
  • TUE 7/6: St. Cloud Blood Donation Center
  • WED 7/7: St. Cloud Blood Donation Center
  • THU 7/8: St. Cloud Blood Donation Center
  • FRI 7/9: St. Cloud Blood Donation Center

If you donate blood between July 1st and July 6th you will get a free Red Cross embroidered hat (while supplies last). Donate between July 7th and July 31st and you'll get a $10 gift card, plus a chance to win free gas for a year.

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