Central Minnesota employers continue to deal with a worker shortage.  Gail Cruikshank is the Talent Director for the Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation.  She says employers  and organizations like hers are working to not only retain the workers they have in the community but to sell possible employees on relocating to the St. Cloud area.

Cruikshank says many employers have adjusted their job requirements which in many cases includes some hybrid opportunities.  She says employers have also had to consider responsibilities that used to be full time employee responsibilities to part-timers.

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photo - Gail Cruikshank and Jay Caldwell
photo - Gail Cruikshank and Jay Caldwell

St. Cloud Jobspot has more than 7,500 jobs available right now.  The Greater St. Cloud Development Corporation hosted an executive roundtable for their corporate level investors.  Cruikshank says they discussed what's working and what isn't working for area employers.  She says employers used to be able to just direct employees to do things but now employees have had more of a hand in directing that.  Cruikshank says the best solution is to listen to employees and find out what their needs are which includes flexibility from the employer's stand point.

Cruikshank says employees moving from job to job in the St. Cloud area doesn't accomplish what this area needs.  She says the population of qualified employees in the St. Cloud area has to grow.  Cruikshank says St. Cloud is a great place to live with a thriving economy and employers that are sensitive to the needs of their employees.  She says selling this effectively will grow this community and improve the St. Cloud area economy.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Gail Cruikshank it is available below.



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