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Since I already get paid to spend more time on social media than one man should ever spend, I might as well share with you the most … ummm … interesting? … news caught on tape.

  • We found Bigfoot!
  • A completely jacked-up kangaroo goes toe-to-toe with a martial arts master!
  • One more reason why I will NEVER live in Florida! They have man-eating Alligators!

And it’s all caught on video!

  • 1

    Kangaroo Attacks Man, Dog


    If this kangaroo was a professional wrestler, he’d have a belt already! A man in Australia was walking his dog along the Murray River when he noticed his Akita went missing. A few seconds later, he found the dog in a headlock with a kangaroo.

    After the incident, the dog is recovering well. Officials remind residents to keep dogs on a leash when in areas where kangaroos are known to hang out.

  • 2

    Bigfoot Caught on Camera in Colorado


    A couple in Colorado think they’ve caught the clearest evidence yet of a “Bigfoot” in the wild. The couple was on a sightseeing train trip through southwest Colorado when other passengers on the train pointed out something in the tall grass.

    Four “Bigfoot” sightings have been reported in the San Juan National Forest since 1989. The latest sighting was a family on a hiking trail in 2008.

  • 3

    Alligator Found with Human Remains in Mouth


    Friday, a man in Florida reported an alligator in a canal near Tampa Bay with what appeared to be human remains in its mouth.

    The nearly 14-foot alligator was “humanely killed”, according to authorities, and removed from the water. The body has been identified and an investigation into the death is ongoing.

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