Catholic Charities of St. Cloud is auctioning off a $10,000 bottle of 1980 Buffalo Trace Bourbon Whiskey to raise money for hungry families.

The nonprofit won a national contest organized by Buffalo Trace Distillery and their prize was an expensive bottle of whiskey. The distillery announced that they were releasing 200 collectible bottles of whiskey that wouldn't be available for sale. Instead, they invited local charities from around the country to tell them why their charity deserved to win a bottle to auction. Catholic Charities was one of 200 winners.

The money raised from the auction will help Catholic Charities buy $40,000 to $90,000 in groceries for hungry families in central Minnesota.

The nonprofit is auctioning off the whiskey online, with bidding ending at the same time as their silent auction on Mardi Gras night on January 28.

You can find out more details about whiskey and the auction on their website.

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