Cathedral High School is not the place you would think a murder would happen, but someone will be killed this weekend as The Butler Did It hits the stage.

Murder Mystery has long been a staple in literary worlds. From Sherlock Holmes and Watson to Colonel Mustard in the library, we have enjoyed the suspense of trying to figure out the proverbial “Who Dunnit”.

The Butler Did It is a play that parodies every English mystery play ever written. While the cast is small in this play (10 characters) the laughs are big as these youngsters take you through a dinner party put together as a “fun” murder mystery evening that turns into the real thing. Miss Maple assembles a group of mystery writers for a dinner party at Ravenswood Manor where she has a fun evening planned to provoke her guests’ imaginations and be a joyous time for all. When a true murder happens, all the writers have to go into detective mode and figure out who the real killer is.

You may not have ever heard of this play before, I admit I wasn’t familiar with it. You don’t need to be familiar with it to enjoy it. The students do a great job laying out the characters, presenting them to the audience and developing them throughout the play. There are twists and turns, fights and hair pulling, plenty of laughs and even suspense when the real killer appears from nowhere. Let yourself get wrapped up in The Butler Did It and enjoy an inexpensive night out this weekend!

Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for students. The Butler Did It runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday, November 17,18, 19 at 7pm and Saturday, November 19 at 2pm. Tickets are available at the Holy Angels Performing Arts Center at Cathedral High School or you can call 320-251-3421.

If you liked the movie Clue you’ll truly enjoy The Butler Did It from the great students at Cathedral High School in downtown St. Cloud.


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