St. Cloud area Catholic Community Schools is working to make their schools more affordable to more families.  Cathedral Middle School Principal Erin Hatlestad and Cathedral Activities Director Emmett Keenan say:

We've been reaching out to donors who have a commitment to their school pre-K thru 12th grade so our schools can become affordable for all students.  We want to become a community school.  First and for most we are a Catholic school but we want to serve the whole community.

Hatlestad says they've been working hard to get some grants and scholarships available so when someone wants to get a Catholic education in one of their schools they can do that.  She says they've built a sizeable endowment that they are going to use for their grants.

Hatlestad says getting the message out to interested families can be a challenge especially with many families concerned about the affordability aspect.  She says students do not need to be Catholic to attend but that is their foundation.

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Emmett Keenan says he's is happy they were able to make it through the fall sports season with little disruption.  He says the student support for athletics and activities was great within their school and at tournament events he attended.  Keenan is looking forward to normal winter and spring sports seasons despite COVID-19 still being a factor in the community.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Erin and Emmett it is available below.



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