Congratulations to Carol Schaefer of Paynesville -- the winner of Dream Getaway #21! We called Carol this morning to let her know that he had won the trip of a lifetime. Now it's up to Carol to decide where she wants to go (her first thought was Alaska with her husband).

You decide WHERE you're going; you decide WHO'S going with you; you decide WHEN you're going. Bursch Travel in Waite Park will help you plan all the details -- then they'll send us the bill. That's the cool thing about Dream Getaways.


And guess what, we start all over Monday morning -- with qualifying for Dream Getaway #22! If you haven't registered for dream getaways online yet, do that this weekend. Then listen for your name to qualify here on 98.1 weekdas at 7:20 AM, 12:20 AM, and 4:20 PM. Good luck!

And have fun Carol! Send us a postcard.

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