I can't decide what type of coffee I like the best...other than please make it sweet, and sugar free; but I have to say since Caribou got it's start here in Minnesota, I have my home state pride! I love you BOU!

Facebook/Caribou Coffee

I've recently been enjoying iced this might be my perfect fix!

Caribou Coffee is joining the canned coffee craze and beginning today, has released their canned coffees!

The first flavor is being released today, Cold Brew Black Coffee; and you should be able to find it at your favorite local Caribou location.

There will be two more flavors coming out before fall; Cold Brew Original Crafted, with a hint of cream & Sugar...and Cold Brew Vanilla Crafted, with a hint of vanilla.'s still cheaper to have your local store make your coffee, but if you really want it to go, it's going to cost you about $1 more.


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