Did you purchase your first REAL Christmas tree this year? Or did you have a bad experience in the past and just don't want to do it again? Here are some tips to make sure that your Christmas tree lasts through the holiday season.

  • MAKE A FRESH CUT.  So you cut down the tree, brought it home and didn't re cut it? Think again. Make a fresh cut right before you put it in the stand. This will re open the tree stem and allow the tree to drink water. The fresh cut is the key to your tree being able to drink the water that you're trying to feed it.
  • WATER YOUR TREE RIGHT AWAY. Once you've made the fresh cut, and put your tree in the stand, make sure you give it at least one gallon of water to start.  Yes! A full gallon of warm water. Remember; your tree won't be able to drink this warm water unless you cut it right before you put in in the stand.
  • KEEP HEAT SOURCES AWAY FROM YOUR CHRISTMAS TREE. If you have your tree near a heat source, such as a fireplace, heat registers, or space heaters, keep in mind that they speed up the evaporation process and cause your tree to loose moisture faster.
  • CHECK WATER LEVELS EVERY DAY. Christmas trees are really really thirsty. The key to keeping your tree hydrated through the holiday season, is to make sure the water doesn't dip below the fresh cut. If it does, the tree's cut will seal and the tree won't be able to drink any more water.

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