There's an event at Powder Ridge this August called the Mudman. I really thought that it might be fun and  I should do it. That is, until they released some details on the course today. Oh My God! We are all going to die!!!

I guess I had expected to have to climb over some things and I knew I might get a little mud on my super-cute outfit but I did NOT expect to be plunged into a dumpster filled with ice water! I mean really - doesn't that go too far?! Or am I just a wimp?

Check out the course of roughly 17 obstacles that will test your strength, endurance and mental fortitude.  They say you will be pushed to your breaking point and beyond both physically and mentally.

Then let me know if you're going to do it.

The Mudman race is At Powder Ridge in Kimball Saturday, August 18th and you can register here.

And, shoot, if you can do it - I can too!