Start wishing for snow because it's our ticket to cheap beer in Minnesota. The Busch Snow Day is back for 2021.

For every inch of snow that falls in Minnesota through March 28th. The city they are measuring the snow total in for our state is Minneapolis, so if you want to target your specific snow wishes, send them that way.

This beer discount comes in the form of a rebate:

Receive a minimum $1 rebate on the purchase of one (1) 24-pack of Busch or Busch Light (cans or bottles), up to $12.00, OR a minimum $1.00 rebate on the purchase of one (1) 30-pack of Busch or Busch Light (cans or bottles), up to $15.00.

Either way, it means discounted beer. And let's face it, if you're in Minnesota you're more than likely drinking Busch anyway. Just remember to save your receipt to get that rebate.

This is the second year that Busch is offering this snow day deal. They kicked it off last year in a very limited amount of states, and this year it has expanded to 31 states. You can stay up to date with each states snowfall totals (discount totals) on the Busch website using their snowfall tracking chart. So far Minnesota is sitting at 3" but you know that more snow will for sure be coming before the end of March.

Enjoy responsibly!

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