When you're a parent, and you see that your kids may have a talent for any sort of sport, you generally want them to excel in that sport.  And encourage them to be the best they can be.  Maybe you have an future olympian on your hands, or a pro whatever... maybe they could go to college with a sports scholarship.  Anything is possible.

The problem comes in when there is a high possibility of them getting hurt, and having some cognitive problems from that injury.  Former Vikings/Packers QB and Hall of Famer Brett Favre says that kids under 14 years old shouldn't play tackle football.  It's too dangerous.

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Favre is partnering with the Concussion Legacy Foundation to “support athletes, veterans, and all affected by concussions and CTE; achieve smarter sports and safer athletes through education and innovation; and to end CTE through prevention and research.

Some football players have had some serious after effects of concussions.  Some worse than others, but it can also depend on the severity and/or the amount of times one has gotten a concussion.  Favre also voices concerns that no one really knows exactly how serious they are, and that we are all still gathering information on the effects.

If you compare flag football to tackle football, one is way more likely to be hurt seriously with tackle football than with flag football.  So, children...before high school should never play anything other than flag football.

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