Blood donations traditionally drop off this time of year, which causes a low blood supply -- and the annual need for potential donors to step up and give a pint increases. It's not by accident that January is National Blood Donor Month. I'm donating today. Who's with me?

The general rule of thumb is that about one third of all Americans are eligible to donate, but only 8% of us actually do. The American Red Cross provides 40% on the nation's blood supply -- and they really need your help.

I've got an appointment to donate at 1:30 this afternoon. Want to make one for yourself? Call to make an appointment at 1-800-RED CROSS or click HERE to make an appointment online. Walk-ins are also welcome, but there's a chance that you might have a little wait.

Here are some quick requirements for donating:

  • Must be in good health.
  • Must weight at least 110 pounds.
  • Bust be at least 17 years old (with a valid ID).
  • Cannot have donated in the past 56 days.

Hope to see you there!

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