Blake Shelton got the full package on Thursday night’s episode of ‘The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.’ Not only did he perform his new single ‘Drink on It’ for the first time ever on television, but he got a chance to sit in as a guest on the show, making himself comfy in the gold chairs next to the famous desk as he dished on the upcoming Super Bowl, how married life is going and what romantic love story flick he hates to admit he watched.

Since Shelton last saw Leno, he’s become a married man and admits that things are going great with new wife Miranda Lambert … sort of. “Everybody always says that it changes, you know, but we’re just as miserable now as we were before we got married,” the singer joked, adding that he and his country music lady “give each other a lot of crap.”

And by that, Shelton confirmed that Lambert dishes him a lot of crap — and he takes it without putting up a fight. “I can’t stand … the things that she watches on television. We have one television, so whatever she wants to watch is what we watch. I don’t know which of the shows are on this channel,” he spilled, which got a big laugh from the NBC audience. Shelton again cited ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ as one of Lambert’s favorite shows, adding that she never misses an episode.

Apparently, when Shelton says he watches whatever his wife wants to watch, he means it. “There’s a movie called … ‘The Notebook …. oh, I hate you,” he said to Leno, admitting defeat. So did the ‘Honey Bee’ hitmaker cry? “Yes, I cried! What is wrong with you? What is wrong with y’all — you’re gonna laugh at me for crying?” he asked. “It’s serious stuff!”

‘The Voice’ judge shared that he and his ‘White Liar’ lady spent more time together this past holiday season than ever before, but they’ll get some more one-on-one time when they team up together to duet at the 2012 Super Bowl this weekend. “That is the high point — outside of this show — that is the, for a singer, like, ‘I played the Super Bowl.’ It’s awesome,” he said. “Miranda and I are doing ‘America the Beautiful’ together. I’m very excited.”

But when asked whether he’s going for the Giants or the Patriots, Shelton’s lips were sealed for once. “I should get a tTshirt made that’s like, ‘Any other teams but the one I like suck,’” he said, dodging the question. He laughed and said, “I’m an Arizona Cardinals fan. You have to be a diehard Cardinals fan to say that all other teams suck.”

Leno gave viewers a sneak peek at a new commercial for Season 2 of ‘The Voice,’ which shows Shelton and co-mentor Adam Levine battling it out as if they were stars in a new Quentin Tarantino flick, complete with punches and karate-style kicks. Shelton revealed after the ad, “We actually had to go through some training and rehearse that. It’s me and Adam — we don’t know how to fight.”

After his hilarious guest spot, Shelton took ‘The Tonight Show’ stage to give ‘Drink on It’ its television debut.

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