If you are sitting at your office desk and you actually happen to have a window that overlooks the city's skyline you would like to actually see the skyline, right?  If there was a giant billboard that was obstructing that view that would be a bit of a bummer, right?

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

That is exactly what happened downtown Minneapolis.  Beautiful skyline view, and it's blocked by this billboard.  So, what do you do about that?  If you are an advertising agency, hopefully you are able to come up with a creative solution.  And with that creative solution, you also double as advertising for yourself.  That is, if you are a good ad agency.

I think that this billboard does prove that this advertising agency is both creative and innovative.  There was a Facebook post that showed their solution to the employees complaints about their blocked view.

The agency name is Solve and I think they did just that.

The billboard will again block the employees view as the run on this billboard is only for a couple of weeks.  So there will be another campaign placed there after that, but until that time, this is a very creative way to grab attention, have the view "unblocked" and advertise your own company all at the same time.

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The only issue I could see is that you may miss the fact that this is a billboard.  You may have to look twice if you are just driving by.  If you are actually sitting in your office, that works.

I like it.

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