Game shows.  I've always wondered how I'd do on one of those...and I'm talking about the half hour type.  I think it would be super nerve-wracking and I would probably forget everything I thought I knew just playing along at home.  I'm always impressed with people who do well with cameras and the pressure of competing.

CBS's Big Brother is on another level.  You move into a house with a bunch of strangers and potentially live with them for 3 months.  Granted, most of them will be have a much shorter stay, and a couple of them only a couple of weeks.  But still...this is a commitment.  Plus, cameras on you 24/7 and no privacy at all.

I think about the normal things of personal hygiene.  But whatever, it's what these people have signed up for.

Last night the new season of Big Brother debuted  We got to meet all of the 16 contestants. One of which is a lawyer originally from St. Michael, Minnesota, now living in Rochester. His name is Michael Bruner and he has this to say, according to Bring Mw the News, as he enters the Big Brother house:

Anything within the context of the game — I'll lie, I'll backstab, I'll manipulate, that's fine," he said in the interview. "I wouldn't cross the line of some of that personal territory"

Of course, because he is someone from Minnesota, I immediately want him to succeed.  He did not win the first Head of Household or HOH.  If you are familiar with the show you know that this person has all of the power for the week.  But it's not necessarily the best thing to win on the first go

His fiancé'  tweeted his support as the show began last night.

Of course, we wish him the best of luck...there is $750,000 on the line. That is a hefty chunk of change.


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