Another Minnesota sports team, another Minnesota sports season, another over-hyped Minnesota team's possibility of success, another Minnesota post-season playoff crumble.

Sure, I'm giving up prematurely, but there's nothing about the 2020-2021 Minnesota Wild's playoff run that gives me any inkling that it will last beyond this first round series against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Will I be proven wrong? Nobody will be happier than me if I am. (I've got my Wild jersey on at work today hoping to provide a little good mojo for tonight.) Do I think it will work? Um, no.

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The Wild gave us a false sense of hope during the regular season, beating up teams like San Jose, Arizona, and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, even in the regular season, the Wild were beat up by teams like Colorado and Saint Louis.

The team that gave us some hope were the Vegas Golden Knights -- that despite leading in the Western Division for most of the year, the Wild pretty much owned Vegas during the regular season. But you know what they say -- the playoffs are a whole other animal.

True that!

Despite the Wild taking the first game of the series 1-0 in an overtime win in Las Vegas, the Golden Knights have outscored the Wild in the series 11-4, including scoring the last nine goals in the series.

The Wild are not alone in disappointing Minnesota sports fans like me. Forget about the Lynx who are the exception to this discussion, here are the last times that these four Minnesota teams have won more than a single game in the postseason:

  • Minnesota Wild - 2016
  • Minnesota Timberwolves - 2004
  • Minnesota Twins - 2002
  • Minnesota Vikings - 1987

That's absolutely excruciating! 

I had the good fortune at being at game six and seven of the 1987 World Series in the Metrodome when the Minnesota Twins took the title from the Saint Louis Cardinals. Not to be un appreciative, but that was 34 freaking years ago.

I'm going to go enjoy a Grain Belt to wash down some Old Dutch Potato Chips and a little Top The Tater, and lick my Minnesota sports fan wounds.

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