ST. CLOUD -- Another phone scam is making its rounds throughout Minnesota.

The Better Business Bureau of Minnesota and North Dakota is calling it the "Port Scam."

It starts with a hacker getting your name, phone number and any other personal information that they can find on you. After getting your personal information the hacker will call your phone company, impersonating you, and tell the company that your phone was stolen. The hacker will then request that your phone number be "ported" to another provider and phone.


Once the number has been transferred to a new device, the hacker will start to access any account that requires a code to be sent to your phone to reset the password.

The BBB says victims of this scam likely won't notice until their phone has no service or they are getting unexpected requests from their accounts containing access codes.

To make sure you don't become a victim the BBB advises you to set up additional security measures with your cell phone provider. Major companies have additional security options for port-out authorizations.

If your phone switches to "Emergency Calls Only" mode get in contact with your phone company immediately and always watch out for phishing attempts.

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