This has been a strange year for weather in Minnesota. We have gone for long stretches in certain areas with no rain; or at least, not enough to make a difference for our farmers. Then other areas will get plummeted with ranging winds and hail for 3 minutes, then back to no rain for a week. Go figure.

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Speaking of crazy weather. I've seen hail that's about the size of a quarter, and maybe a little bigger, but I think this is a first. Watch the video below to see hail that could be the size of a baseball!


The video that was sent to KARE 11 below, was sent in from Itasca County!  This was happening on a lake near Marcell, Minnesota.  It appears at times to be baseball size hail. If you watch the video closely, there are parts of the video that really flow with the hail falling and it's incredible to see.


Various stories on this video say tennis ball-size hail or baseball-size hail. I can't imagine seeing this size hail up close and personal, but what would have really been bad, is getting caught out in it! Can you imagine being hit by baseball size hail from mother nature?!  What about your home and vehicle or boat?

Do you have a video of a hailstorm that shows this kind of hail? We would love to see it. Share your hailstorm video with me at and we will share your videos.


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