The holidays are a very exciting time for us humans; but we need to remember, what makes us happy over the holidays or any other time of year, is not always good for our pets. As a matter of fact, some of our bad habits can kill our pets. Don't let your home experience a loss of a pet family member this year. Keep these important hazard  reminders handy so you know what to avoid.


Chocolate contains methylxanthines; which can be deadly to your pet.  This time of year, can be really hard to catch things that spill on the floor after opening presents, gifts, and stockings filled with candy.  Look over your floor, and other rooms in your house, like a kids room, where children might leave dangerous chocolate or wrappers on the floor where your pet might get into them. No chocolate for your cats or dogs. Not even chocolate covered espresso beans!

Kelly Cordes


I did NOT know that unbaked bread dough could kill a cat or dog. If you are baking, don't give them dough.


Alcohol is also not good for pets. Most people know not to give a drink to their pet, but we don't think about that piece of rum cake. Again, sweets, chocolate, bread,'s not even good for US. It can kill our pets.


Pretty much, if you just think, "NO SUGAR" for my pet, it's a safe bet. Grapes and raisins are deadly for pets. Again, if you're having any of these items for your holiday dinners, or baking, clean your floor; and make sure your pets aren't getting into any of it.


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