This past Saturday (10.15) was the Pheasant Opener for 2016 in Minnesota, and I got out in Renville County to try my luck on bagging a rooster.

I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is again pheasant season in our great state of Minnesota. Mainly because I did not do nearly enough fishing over the summer, and I cannot wait until November for rifle season! Also, my dad's dog Vlad definitely needed to get out and flush some birds, his crazy energy was enough to drive us insane!

Thankfully, Opener Weekend was upon us. We left Burnsville at 0700, and made it to Renville just after 9. My dad and I met up with my dad's friend and his son and their dog Pepper, and we made our way through over three miles of tall grass. It proved to be a difficult day of hunting, due to the warmth (it was 70 degrees! Crazy!) and all the standing corn and soybeans.

After all was said and done, we walked almost 4.5 miles, and made it out without any roosters. We saw three pheasants, but they were either a hen or too far away (or in the darn corn!) Honestly, we jumped five deer, and we made jokes we should have been deer hunting instead.

Even though we didn't walk away with any pheasants, it was fun to watch the dogs work and get outside for some fresh air. I am still recovering from picking my knees up to high for so long walking in the grass, but it is an amazing source of exercise and a great time killer! Cannot wait to go out again, and actually get a shot off!

How was the 2016 Pheasant Opener for you? Where did you go? How many roosters did you bag? Let me know!