I thought Ashton Kutcher was busy enough with his new role on 'Two and a Half Men' and divorcing Demi Moore, but I guess he was looking for something more to add to his plate. It was announced yesterday (April 1) that Ashton has signed on to play the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in an indie biopic.  The actor also serenaded the crowd at the ACM Awards last night with a George Strait Tune.

Ashton was invited to the country music awards show in Las Vegas to present the award for Female Vocalist of the Year, which went to Miranda Lambert, but before announcing Miranda, he showed off his singing abilities (or lack there of)  with a line from George Strait's "Cross My Heart" he sang "In all the world you'll never find a love as true as mine." Well Ashton that may be true, but I think you should keep your day job. Take it from me, country music isn't for you.

I think he will do just fine with out a music career considering he was just slated to play the late Steve Jobs in an upcoming film about the genius. But honestly, I'm not so sure about this endeavor either. Ashton is a great comedic actor, who I personally think is best suited for sitcoms - 'That 70's Show' 'Two and a Half Men' - that's where I really find him entertaining. He has the gift of comedic timing and that's something you can't teach.

It looks like I'm not the only one who doesn't have a lot of faith in the project. When it was being shopped around, no major studio wanted to pick it up, which is why it has become an independent film. They are going to start shooting immediately after 'Two and a Half Men' wraps for the season next month.

Once they are finished filming it will be rush-released to beat out the big-budget film Sony Pictures is working on about the Apple co-founder. Which, by the way, sounds amazing. It’s  based on the bestselling book about Jobs that was written by Walter Issacson. Walter wrote the book after being contacted by Jobs to do so. At first Walter turned the project down, telling Jobs he wasn’t interested, and wouldn’t be until Jobs  retired – that was in 2004. It didn’t take long for Walter to get wind of Jobs recent diagnosis with pancreatic cancer, he immediately changed his mind on the book project. The book was originally set to come out this month, but was bumped to October 2011, 2 weeks after Jobs lost his battle with cancer. With Sony Pictures behind this project, you can bet it will be good.

So why in the world would anyone want to go up against that? Even if they are releasing first, it still doesn't make sense - I think Hollywood has lost their marbles.



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