Like many young children, I would make a list of toys that I wanted for Christmas every year.  I will be honest, it was pretty long most years.  

I remember asking for things like Barbies, Polly Pockets and of course stuffed animals. I never was a big fan of dolls, but I loved stuffed animals.  However, there was one thing that I really wanted and it took awhile for me to get -- not because I was naughty though.

For the longest time, I wanted a Lite Brite.  It just looked cool on television and I believe some of my friends had them, so of course I wanted one too.  I finally got it one year and I played with it all the time.  I was totally fascinated by the lights and I still have that fascination today because one of my favorite things to this time of year is drive around and look at Christmas lights.

What was the toy you most wanted for Christmas?

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