Do you know someone on the Autism Spectrum that has artistic abilities that are unique? I know several people on the spectrum, and I'm amazed at the beauty they see in the world, and the way they approach art.

With Autism Awareness month coming up in April, this competition is just in time to celebrate the amazing talents of those people whose artwork quite often goes unnoticed.

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My friends at Zenaviv.com are holding this competition now through April 18th. Anyone of any age on the spectrum may submit their artwork.

Everyone's artwork will be reviewed and published online, and all submissions will be reviewed by a panel of judges. Winners will be announced via the website and the winners will also be contacted by email.


They ask the individuals submitting their art work to:

  • Tell about yourself, or if they need help, help them write about their story
  • Discuss what place does art take in your life
  • What does the art piece you submitted mean to you.

For all the requirements for submitting artwork, click HERE now.

Zenaviv will announce all of the winners in each category from those who collected the largest number of votes, from the panel of guest Adjudicators.

If you have a child, spouse or family member that would benefit from the Buddy Program featured through Zenaviv, make sure to let them know about the possibilities through Zenaviv.


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