Step #1: Register. Step #2: Train a little (very little). Step #3: Look forward to running, bouncing, and sliding through the obstacle course with me during the Insane Inflatable 5K at Powder Ridge on June 11th. Here's a look at some of the obstacles. This is going to be a blast!

Last summer I did the Insane Inflatable 5K and, although I had a ton of fun--  I thought I was going to die. The hills at Powder Ridge almost killed me -- up & down, up & down. The good news is that I'm not the only one that felt that way, so this year there's a new course with fewer hills.-- and I can't wait for Saturday, June 11th. You with me?

Catch some air on 'Jump Around', the world’s largest bounce pad, make your way to the top of 'Vertigo,' an enormous 4 lane, 6 story slide, plus five new obstacles for 2016 -- then meet us at the Midway for a post run party. Get registered today because registration fees increase the closer we get to race day.

Get more info & register for the Insane Inflatable 5K HERE.

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