Running errands this weekend I noticed a car sporting Minnesota's specialty license plate for St. Cloud State on a Jeep rolling down Division -- and did a double-take when I read the plate. My tip for the MN DMV: 'St. Cloud University' doesn't exist.

Really? Saint Cloud University??? Is it just me or does that seem like either a mistake, or a really bad idea on how to make St. Cloud State University fit on a Minnesota license plate?


I asked the question on the air today, and a caller said that his granddaughter -- an SCSU student and specialty plate holder was told that their wasn't enough room for 'State' on the plate. (I smell a mistake, because that makes no sense.)

I'm no genius, but how about 'Saint Cloud State,' or dare I be bold enough to even suggest two lines?

I mean if there wasn't enough room for the 'Of' on the Gopher plates, would the DMV just run with Minnesota University, instead of University of Minnesota?

I would love to hear the real story behind this (because it's just off enough that there might be a good one behind it).

Let's start a new campaign: #PutStateOnThePlate. Who's on board? :)

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