My mom is an avid gardener in the summer. To say it's her hobby would be an understatement. It's definitely her lifestyle. She always plants a variety of vegetables, berries, fruit you name it, she's got it.

My mom makes the best summer salsa and spaghetti sauce! Because she produces so many veggies, she usually cans most of her crop. She always shares her surplus with all of us kids and family. I'll admit, I should have been saving those salsa and sauce jars to give back to her...but, I've been guilty of recycling them.

And now this year, my mom is having a hard time finding canning jars and lids anywhere. It's not a problem she envisioned when she started planting all of her veggies at the start of the spring.

It makes sense why there'd be a shortage of canning jars, because, many people started gardens for the first time this year because of COVID-19. I'm one of those people. Many people have decided to learn a new skill and develop a new hobby.

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So, it seems there's a shortage of canning jars. We can't find them anywhere. We've checked Walmart, Target, local hardware stores and mom and pop shops...and, nothing.

While I think it's awesome that people are learning new skills, it's been a struggle to get the supplies we need to can our crops.

Have you noticed a shortage of canning jars? Have you had any luck finding them anywhere? If so, comment below. Let's help each other out!

Happy almost fall harvest!

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