The team at has revealed the most common last names by the state? Any guesses as to what last name is #1 in Minnesota?

Smith, Johnson, Miller, Jones, Williams, and Anderson make up most of the most common surnames all across the country.

Most Common Surname By State

Alabama:  Smith, Williams, Johnson
Alaska:  Smith, Johnson, Williams
Arizona:  Smith Johnson Garcia
Arkansas:  Smith, Williams, Johnson
California:  Garcia, Hernandez, Lopez
Colorado:  Smith, Johnson, Martinez
Connecticut:  Smith, Johnson, Brown
Delaware:  Smith, Johnson, Brown
Florida:  Smith, Williams, Johnson
Georgia:  Smith, Williams. Johnson
Hawaii:  Lee, Wong, Kim
Idaho:  Smith, Johnson, Anderson
Illinois:  Smith, Johnson, Williams
Indiana:  Smith, Miller, Johnson

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Iowa:  Smith, Williams, Johnson
Kansas:  Smith, Johnson, Miller
Kentucky:  Smith, Johnson, Jones
Louisiana:  Williams, Smith, Johnson
Maine:  Smith, Brown, Johnson
Maryland:  Smith, Johnson, Jones
Massachusetts:  Smith, Johnson, Sullivan
Michigan:  Smith, Johnson, Williams
Minnesota:  Johnson, Anderson, Nelson
Mississippi:  Smith, Williams, Johnson
Missouri:  Smith, Johnson, Williams
Montana:  Smith, Johnson, Anderson
Nebraska:  Johnson, Smith, Miller
Nevada:  Smith, Johnson, Garcia
New Hampshire:  Smith, Brown, Johnson
New Jersey:  Smith, Williams, Johnson
New Mexico:  Martinez, Garcia, Chavez
New York:  Smith, Williams, Brown
North Carolina:  Smith, Williams, Johnson
North Dakota:  Johnson, Anderson, Olson
Ohio:  Smith, Miller, Johnson
Oklahoma:  Smith, Johnson, Williams
Oregon:  Smith, Johnson, Miller
Pennsylvania:  Smith, Miller, Williams
Rhode Island:  Smith, Brown, Johnson
South Carolina:  Smith, Williams, Brown
South Dakota:  Johnson, Anderson, Smith
Tennessee:  Smith, Johnson, Jones
Texas:  Garcia, Smith, Martinez
Utah:  Smith, Johnson, Anderson
Vermont:  Smith, Brown, Johnson
Virginia:  Smith, Johnson, Jones
Washington:  Smith, Johnson, Anderson
West Virginia:  Smith, Miller, Johnson
Wisconsin:  Johnson, Smith, Anderson
Wyoming:  Smith, Johnson, Miller

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