I just read an article that I found to be fascinating. According to Livescience.com, The Ross Ice shelf in Antarctica sings! Almost constantly. How amazing! Scientists measured the almost constant singing with Seismic equipment, and although it's not typically audible to the human ear, the wind against the snow dunes creates waves of surface vibrations.

Scientists found out about the constant vibration of the surface accidentally, when the placed 34 seismic sensors on the shelf to monitor shelf life behavior.


I think we've got some great wind at times here in Minnesota...Lots of places to ski...I wonder if the slopes sing?


What about the lakes? You would think there would be constant vibrations across the ice cover...I'm sure it constantly moves too? If we planted some equipment in a frozen Minnesota Lake, would we find the song of Minnesota water?

I think it's worth finding out. This is a great experiment for someone with access to cool seismic tools. I guess it's most likely we'll never know for sure if our Minnesota ice sings...but I still enjoy the sound of a still chilly cold winter night.

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