As if I needed another reason not to eat oysters.  It's like a giant lougie that you actually choose to eat. I don't get it- but I do recognize that people do eat these things and they actually LIKE them, some people even LOVE them.  I just can't.

If you are one of these people that loves to eat oysters (also considered an aphrodisiac) you should avoid them now and in the near future.

According to Bring Me the News, Minnesotans are encouraged NOT to eat any oysters that have come from British Columbia, Canada.  The reason is Norovirus outbreak.  This has made about 29 people in Minnesota up to the writing of this story.

The affected oysters from Bay 14-8 in British Columbia have been linked to the sickening of 29 Minnesotans, who became ill with confirmed or suspected norovirus gastroenteritis after eating the oysters at Travail Kitchen & Amusements in Robbinsdale on Mar. 20.

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The affected oysters hopefully have been contained, but there is still a chance that some of them have made it out into circulation other than this particular restaurant.  Minnesota Department of Health has been calling around to stores and restaurants to see if they have received any shipments from the area, between certain dates from March 10th to the end of March, just to make sure that they have eliminated the threat of contaminated oysters.

Seafood, lettuce, lately fat free peanut butter, all contaminated recently.  Obviously, not at all related, but it seems that it's targeting "healthy" options.  I do realize that this is totally a coincidence, but still.... makes you think. (winky).

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