It's never great when we hear of any business that is closing their doors.  It's great to hear that so many new businesses are opening up, but with some that are still closing, it's a reminder that it's always a great idea to eat and shop local.

Granite City Food and Brewery has had some financial issues for the last few years.  In 2019 the parent company did file for bankruptcy protection and was purchased by Famous Dave's owner BBQ Holdings in 2020. At that time, you were able to order take out Famous Dave's food through Granite City after the Famous Dave's location in St. Cloud closed.  MTY Food Group then purchased the Granite City group last year.

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Now, comes the news that the location in Rosedale Shopping Center in Roseville has now closed their doors permanently.  There are now just 3 Minnesota locations left.  Eagan, Maple Grove and of course the one located here in the Granite City.  That would be really sad if the St. Cloud location closed... the actual Granite City. The St. Cloud location has been open since 1999.

According to Bring Me the News, the parent company of Granite City Food and Brewery also operates Cadillac Ranch located in the Mall of America.

There was a Twitter post showing that the beer brew tanks in Roseville were being hauled away.

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