Here we go again.  Hobby Lobby, which is located in Waite Park, but there are several around the country, has been accused in the past of not being "inclusive".  They are not open on Sundays, they say this is a family day, church day, etc.  Not a day when you should have to go to work.  This belief is also why Chick-Fil-A is not open on Sundays.  This is annoying to many people.  But it's their right to be open or not be open.

Hobby Lobby was also coming under fire in the past because of their policy regarding birth control, Plan B, and insurance coverage.  And now, there is something new.

Recently, Hobby Lobby came under scrutiny because of the supposed "anti-semitism" behavior.  They removed all of the Hanukkah decor.  Last year they removed all of the Mardi Gras, Halloween and Hanukkah decor.  People are accusing them of being anti-semitic.  In other words, being against the Jewish holiday and Jewish people.

Hobby Lobby has stated that they are not anti-semitic  They removed the items that are not selling well.  Especially if they were for sale in this area.  There is not a giant Jewish commmunity in this area, so it is understandable.  I have never seen them selling anything that was Halloween-ish decor.  They have a lot of Fall/Autumn decor, I just assumed it was a religious decision. Hobby Lobby says it was just because none of these types of items sold well at their stores.

From Snopes

The decision on what to offer our customers are based on many factors, including customer interest and what sells well. Our seasonal merchandise assortment carried at Hobby Lobby is constantly changing, and they evaluate it annually. Due to the need to find additional space for some of our stronger categories as well as our newer ones, the decision was made over the last couple of years to discontinue several seasonal product lines, including Mardi Gras, Halloween and Hanukkah.

I guess, knowing that the store in Christian religious based, I wouldn't be surprised that those items weren't sold there.  I wouldn't even think to look for them there, but that's me.  Is this situation just "people being mad just for the sake of being mad"?  Or is there really somethng to this?

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