If you love checking out unique, useful and interesting projects that people have been working on throughout the year, while listening to great entertainment and eating delicious foods; albeit some of which isn't great for you, but it's summer and it's the season for fair-type foods. Make plans to attend the annual Lemonade Art Fair

Not only will there be the fair type foods that I mentioned above, but there will also be some other foods, recipes, and mixes that will be available for purchase, and you can create your own dishes.  In the past I have purchased some great mixes for dips and sauces that were absolutely amazing!

Vendors from all over the area will be occupying the grounds of St. Cloud State University on June 27th from 11-7pm.


You will be able to stroll through rows and rows of crafts including woodworking projects, pottery, paintings, photography, fun and unique signs, home decor, cabin decor and more!

This is an annual event that runs in conjunction with Granite City Days.  If you are concerned about parking around campus, there will be a shuttle that runs from the hockey center to the art fair area throughout the day.  You will need to park in the K lot, and the shuttle will run back and forth on a regular basis.  There is no cost for the shuttle.

If you are interested in seeing who the vendors will be this year, the vendor list will be updated soon.  Just keep checking back using this website.  

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