CORINNA TOWNSHIP (WJON News) -- An Annandale man was critically Friday morning when he rear-ended a straight truck.

The Minnesota State Patrol says they were called to a two-vehicle crash on Highway 55 just after 6:30 a.m. Authorities say the crash happened just southeast of Annandale at the intersection of Highway 55 and 63rd Street Northwest.

Troopers say the straight truck and a small passenger car were eastbound on Highway 55 when the driver of the truck, 65-year-old Paul Harcey of Bethel, was stopped while waiting to turn left onto 63rd Street. The car then rear-ended the truck, seriously injuring the car's driver, 51-year-old Michael Leinonen.

Leinonen was taken to St. Cloud Hospital with life-threatening injuries. The truck driver was not hurt.

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