The Annandale football team puts their 11-0 record on the line Saturday in the Class 3-A State Tournament semifinals when they matchup with Dassel-Cokato at 4:30 p.m. at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Cardinals head coach Matthew Walter joined me on WJON.  This will be the 5th time Annandale has played in the state semifinals.  He says the school and community is really excited about this opportunity.  I asked Walter if this was the year they were building for and he says they may actually be a year ahead of schedule.  Dassel-Cokato is just 20 miles away from Annandale but the two teams haven't played each other this season.  Walter says it's great to matchup with a rival in the state semifinals.  He explains D.C. will run the ball and they will be prepared for it.

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Annandale had many contributors to this year's team.  Walter highlighted a few players starting with 3-year starter Nick Walter at quarterback, calling him a dual threat with the run and pass.  He says Nick is the "heartbeat of the team."  The team's leading rusher is Connor Lampi.  Walter says he's a big strong kid.  He also talked about receiver Joe Healy and linemen Gavin Wang, Brody Wroblewski, Vince Rasset, and Tommy Halverson.

Walter describes the defense as "unbelievable".  He says it starts with the line, Connor Lampi, Gavin Wang and Vince Rasset.  Tommy Halverson, Colby Dircks, and Hudson Helget are the linebackers.  He says Helget has been their best defensive player with 3 fumbles recovered and 3 interceptions.

Annandale Roster

1Purcell, CalebTE/DE6'4"19012
2Healy, JosephWR/CB6'0"18012
3Martinez Mejia, BryanWR/CB5'8"14012
4Eenhuis, IsaakWR/S6'7"17512
5Valdez, BrandonWR/CB5'7"15012
6Stedham, JaxWR/CB5'9"16512
7Kovall, MichaelQB/S6'3"18010
8Olson, NickRB/LB5'7"18011
9Meyer, ZachWR/LB5'11"17012
10Westman, ThomasWR/S6'1"18512
11Danzeisen, JackWR/S6'0"17011
12Walter, NickQB/LB5'11"18512
13Pogatshnik, CarterWR/CB5'8"14010
14Westman, GabeWR/LB6'2"18010
15Roe, ZachQB/S/K5'11"16011
16Cooper, BrandonWR/S6'0"16511
17Adams, LincolnWR/CB5'10"16510
18Sanderson, TysonWR/CB5'9"14511
19Sundberg, AlexRB/LB5'10"19511
20Dircks, ColbyRB/LB5'11"18511
21Jacobson, Sam JWR/CB5'7"15012
22Ergen, CameronRB/LB5'7"18010
23Neutz, JacksonWR/CB6'1"16010
24Holm, OwenWR/LB6'0"17512
25Fischer, RyanWR/LB5'5"14011
26Nilson, JackWR/LB5'11"17512
27Broughton, BenWR/CB5'7"15012
28Molina, MarioK5'8"14012
29Lampi, ConnorRB/DT6'0"20012
30Segner, JimmyWR/CB5'9"14511
31Green, NateRB/CB5'6"16012
32Helget, HudsonRB/LB5'7"16512
35Schimelpfenig, CadenRB/LB5'10"15010
37Gilson, BastianK5'11"18012
40Kent, JacobWR/CB5'11"14510
41Turner, IsaiahRB/LB5'11"17510
45Alston, DariusRB/LB5'8"15011
50Millner, EthanG/DT5'10"17512
51Grube, KeaganG/LB6'0"19510
52Walter, BenC/DE5'11"19510
54Helget, KamrynT/LB6'2"17010
55Zeidler, NaomiK5'5"12
57Miller, WestonC/LB6'1"18011
58Kunkel, JustinT/DE6'3"17011
59Wroblewski, BrodyG/DT6'0"21512
60O'Konek, EliG/DT6'0"21510
63Boon, JackG/DT5'11"23011
64Stevens, EthanG/DT5'11"24011
67Reitmeier, AlexT/DE6'0"17010
70Wang, GavinT/DE6'7"26511
75Gomez, AdrianT/DT6'5"23011
78Berry, AustinT/DE5'11"22012
53/33Halverson, TommyG/RB/LB6'0"19011
65Wirkkula, CodyG/DT5'10"21511
72Rasset, VinceT/DE6'0"21012
74Peterson, CharlieC/LB6'0"20010
77Patch, BrodyeC/DT6'0"29510
88Miller, KeatonTE/DE6'4"17011
62/42Pederson, OwenT/TE/DE6'0"18510
73/80Seaberg, CharlieG/TE/DE6'0"16511

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Matt Walter it is available below.



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