Pete and Ashli are divided on the issues. We left the voting up to you to determine who the morning show president should be this election season! The people have spoken--congratulations President Pete! Here are the rest of the results from our 2016 morning show election!!

  • What's better--Coffee [Pete] 70% or Tea [Ashli] 30%
  • Who's better--Zac Brown Band [Pete] 50%  OR Billy Currington [Ashli] 50%
  • What's better--Staying up late [Ashli] 66% OR going to bed early [Pete] 46%
  • State Fair Food--Pronto Pup [Pete] 46% or Cheese curds [Ashli] 54%
  • What hockey team is better? MN Wild [Ashli] 68% OR North Stars [Pete] 32%
  • What snacks are better? Salty [Pete] 55% OR Sweet [Ashli] 45%
  • What hairsyle is better? Long [Ashli] 69% OR None [Pete] 31%
  • What color is better? Green  [Ashli] 39% OR Red [Pete] 61%
  • What classic country artist is better? Randy Travis 35% [Ashli] OR Johnny Cash [Pete] 65%
  • What's the best season? Summer [Pete] 50% OR Fall [Ashli] 50%
  • What movie genre is better? Horror/Thriller [Pete] 20% OR Romantic Comedy [Ashli] 80%
  • Best soup? Split Pea [Pete] 19% OR Potato [Ashli] 81%
  • Adult beverage? Beer [Pete] 52% OR Wine [Ashli] 48%
  • What's better? Cat [Ashli] 13% OR Dog [Pete] 88%
  • Who should be the morning show president? Pete 57% OR Ashli 43%

Thanks for voting!

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