First the concert news: classic rockers Tesla will be at the Mystic Showroom on Saturday, January 27th, 2024. Tickets go on sale Friday, October 27th.

Every Tesla concert I've attended has been amazing.

But one time, (part of) Tesla attended MY concert (for a bit)! Gather 'round, kids! It's Storytime with Uncle Choad!

In 2016, my band was part of Halfway Jam. Admittedly, we got booked because I was the voice of Halfway Jam's commercials. The first few times we played were...okay. I've performed on the local stage many times with different bands, but that year was our first on the local stage not being the first or second band to perform.

We finally got to play when people were awake!!

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It was a thrill to perform in front of a big crowd. We were well-rehearsed (for once) and tearing it up (in my head).

The crowd was digging it. Of course, they may have still been drunk from the previous night, but I'll take a happy drunk crowd any day. Looking out into the crowd, I saw a long-haired freaky person making his way towards the side of the local stage.

I may have been buzzed myself. I'm pretty sure I saw something shiny in the crowd while singing whatever tune we were doing. When I looked at the spot that Long-Haired Freaky Person was heading towards, he was long gone.

Our bass player, Ron, later told me it was none other than Tesla guitarist Frank freaking Hannon that had left the confines of his bus to check us out. And he even gave us the RAWK horns!

If I'd have seen him, I would've tossed him a t-shirt. Maybe invited him onstage to jam with us!

Dang shiny thing distracting me...

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