Dear Little Falls Litter Bugs,

I was walking around the gorgeous and delightful Maple Island Park when I was in town this week. It is one of my favorite places to kill time before my appointments in Little Falls, because it is always so peaceful, and beautiful.

When I was there on Monday though, I couldn't help but notice the picnic table near the dam that was littered with left-behinds. Half drank tea cans, empty pop bottles, candy wrappers. It was all just left abandoned on and around the table.

Litter Bugs, who did you think was going to clean all of that up? Have you lived your whole life just walking away from your trash in public places, expecting it to be someone else's problem? What do you think happens to the trash that is left behind?

I couldn't in good conscience walk past this mess and hope someone else takes care of it eventually, so I picked up the empties and the wrappers and took it to a nearby trash can. That can, might I add, was only about 15 yards from the table. A VERY short walk, to perform a very simple task.

I don't mind cleaning up litter, and I don't need praise for it. But myself and other people enjoying the park shouldn't have to. Our job as humans on this planet is to leave it a better place than we found it. One of the easiest ways you can do that is by cleaning up after yourself.

Litter Bugs, I'm going to leave you with a quote from my high school science teacher that has always stuck with me, "this isn't our planet, we are just borrowing it from our future generations."

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